The $1 trillion problem with Obamacare: The Real Stink of Obamacare Hasn’t Surfaced Yet [VIDEO]

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller, Dr. Robert Nirschl — a practicing orthopedic surgeon, former faculty member of Georgetown and a former member of the legislative committee of the American Academy of  Orthopedic surgery — dismissed the recent issues suffered by and the media feeding frenzy surrounding it, arguing that the systemic flaws within the law had not yet surfaced, and that when they do, it will be catastrophic.

Nirschl took apart the concept of “health insurance” arguing that it’s an inaccurate buzzword. What is being legislated is not insurance at all, Nirschl said. By its very nature, “insurance” is a way of protecting against an unforeseen, catastrophic incident. It works by having large groups of people paying premiums into a central fund with the understanding that if they were to suffer an unlikely incident, they will be compensated. The likelyhood of people claiming out of the central fund is a calculated through a risk assessment, and the riskier the “bet,” the higher the premium. Nirschl points out that since the 1950s’s true health “insurance” has not existed.

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