17yr-Old Girl Narrowly Escapes Sex Traffickers With the Help of Her Mother & the FBI

Thank goodness this young lady is home safe and sound. This is one VERY happy mama. Good job FBI agents!

The mother of a 17-year-old girl found on Friday a month after she vanished from a Las Vegas hotel has thanked supporters for their help.

Sarah Dunsey from Logan, Utah, was found in Venice, California, on Friday with two men who are now being questioned by the FBI.

The 17-year-old disappeared from the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas on January 15 during a trip with her friends.

She was first reported to have run away with the men but fears arose she had been sexually trafficked when she stopped replying to text messages from loved ones.

Police have not revealed what led them to her in Los Angeles on Friday and are refusing to discuss details of the case as investigations continue.


Her 35-year-old mother Amie, who made an emotional plea for her return in a video campaign last week, returned to a Facebook page launched to find her to celebrate the news on Friday.

‘We found our Sarah Bearah!!! Thank you all for sharing, getting Sarah’s face out there, and helping us to find her.

‘Thank you to the people that sent us the tips that found her.


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