VIDEO: Woman Owns Gun-Control Politicians

There is something to learn from this woman’s testimony.

  • detroitheat

    @Susan Gratia : You are 100% right,and thank you for giving them HELL U-GO girl now if we can get 1,000.000 other people to do the same maybe just maybe some of this Government will git the idea. But i dough it so to hell what they say, you had to learn by losing your Parents (sorry) never let your guard down with Criminals or our Corrupt Government Arm your self 24/7 and stock upon Ammo !!!!!

  • Paul

    Well presented Susan. I always wonder, if guns are so bad, why does every politician have either one of his/her own, or employee body guards that have one. I think they just want to set up our people for being under their control.

  • John

    Talk about the nail on the head, Susan God bless you.

  • Silas Longshot

    There’s one young woman who completely understands the 2nd. And, I’ll wager, she will NOT surrender her right of self defense to fools like Shumer and the other azzoles sitting on their little thrones.

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