Obama is sinking America

sinkingAlthough it certainly wasn’t Oscar material, I still love the 1989 film “Erik the Viking,” starring, among others, Tim Robbins, Mickey Rooney, Eartha Kitt and John Cleese. It’s a campy British comedy-fantasy about a band of misfit Vikings on a quest to reach Valhalla.

In one scene, the motley mob finds its way to the island of Hy-Brasil, a happy, peaceful, sunlit land populated by white-robed, free-loving, uber-pacifist morons.

You know, liberals.

Through a series of immaterial events, the island begins to sink into the ocean. As it does, Erik and crew evacuate and re-board the ship while Hy-Brasil’s inhabitants blithely remain, singing out of tune and playing harps, horns and other instruments badly.

As the crest of the island dips beneath the sea, King Arnulf – a blundering buffoon played by Terry Jones of Monty Python fame – exclaims: “Everyone, stay calm. This is not happening.”

It’d be funny if it weren’t true, but America has become Hy-Brasil, Barack Obama King Arnulf and liberals of every stripe his white-robed, mind-numbed, sycophantic subjects. Our enemies, both foreign and domestic – some of whom have “The Honorable” before their names – are laughing themselves silly.

Indeed, “progressives” are a caricature of themselves, fully given over to pseudo-utopian, relativist ideals that remain ludicrous – hopelessly unattainable – by any objective standard.

Still, our patchouli-wearing, pervert-pride-prancing, “pay-for-my-abortion”-shrieking friends are anything if not determined. They’ll let neither reality nor the U.S. Constitution stop them. Nothing, it seems – especially not those mealy-mouthed puddin’ pops running the GOP – can keep this ship of fools from sinking a once great nation.

Problem is, they’re taking us all down with them.

How do you stop skyrocketing debt and deficits that even liberal economists admit, if left unchecked, spell America’s doom? You don’t. You print trillions more and spend it like game tokens at Chuck E. Cheese. The party must go on or the kiddos get cranky. Sugar Daddy Barack’s got hungry mouths to feed.

How do you stop evil nut-jobs pumped full of psychotropic drugs from shooting-up “gun free zones”? Why, by leaving them heavily armed, of course. By unconstitutionally grabbing


  • The economic conservative

    The national Debt certainly is a serious issue.It was caused by Liberals such as Ronald Regan & George Bush Sr. who transformed this nation into the greatest debtor nation in the history of the world. Under Bill Clinton, a conservative, the debt was turned into into a surplus. George Bush Jr. another liberal, went down the same road as Regan and his father. He started spending like a drunk sailor with a credit card. Howevr, he had an even more absurd policy—don’t collect tax from ultra wealthy because it won’t trickle down. The BUSH tax cuts along with corporate crooks on wall street colapsed the economy.. Along comes Obama who clames to be a progressive. He continues the Bush tax cuts for the ultra rich and like Regan and the BUSH’s does nothing about the the criminals on wall street or the military industrial complex and the outragous spending. Therefore, he is also a Regan liberal. But don’t worry, like the wall street banks America is to big to fail. Therefore, China,Russia,and other rich countries will bail us out.

  • gypsy314

    Sad but true about the pudding pops running our government. What now? Are we running out of time for a peaceful means? I really do not think Americans are going to wish the night mare away being Obama and crew. I now know a little what our fore fathers were think under the thumb of the English when they were going to disarm Americans back then. The liberals ask why a AR 15 well I say Why Obama and liberals like you trying to attack our constitution? I think our troops have enough sense to not obey a order to disarm Americans. I have a number of family and friends in and out of government and they all said no orders will be obey as far as they are concerned. Well we shall see soon enough god help us all.

  • Buck

    That is , after all his GOAL , so why would anyone expect otherwise , regardless of his disclaimers , he is a radical devout COMMUNIST , he is descended from and raised by devout communists . No one seems to want to say the word , but he IS a COMMUNIST out to destroy this constitutional republic in order to set up another communist state Wake the hell up America ! IMPEACH NOW !!!!

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