The Media’s Curious Lack of Outrage at Our Assassin-In-Chief

obama-handshakeComparing waterboarding — which is so harmless journalists have volunteered to do it — to assassinating American citizens is like comparing a Nerf ball to an uzi. Comparing involuntary detentions at Guantanamo Bay — where the greatest threat to prisoners is weight gain caused by over-eating — to an American president ordering the killing of Americans is like comparing the murder of over a million unborn innocents each year to the hyper-legal, Constitutional execution of a handful of murderers.

There’s just no comparison, but that hasn’t stopped the media from comparing Bush and Obama’s anti-terrorism policies as though they belong somewhere on the same moral plane.

Something, however, that is not comparable is the level of outrage we’re (not) seeing from the media. When it was discovered that the Bush Administration had waterboarded a 9/11 mastermind, the media acted as though we had been hit by an asteroid. “Hysterical” might be a more accurate term. The discovery, though, that, as if out of some bad science-fiction movie, our current president is ordering the assassinations of American citizens, has only…


  • slickzip

    If president BUSH was to have done this the press would be screeaming bloody murder,,,,,,,,,,,

  • jimcrowe

    What do you expact from a non American who is not white.

    • Arthur Mackey


  • Silas Longshot

    Never in my lifetime have I seen the media so up theazz of a president and company. Anti-conservative bias has been there for decades, but this is ridiculous, far beyond that, it’s complacent and complicit in furthering the marxist agenda this pack of progs has in mind for this country.

    • Huapakechi

      They’ve been gathering momentum like an avalanche.

  • Breeze13

    So, not only do we have non American, liar, anti-American,in OUR whitehouse, he has now made it “legal” for him to be a mass murderer.

  • Randy131

    The media will also support Obama’s declaration of ‘Martial Law’, just wait and see.

  • Huapakechi

    Selective outrage to go along with situational ethics? Why am I not surprised?

  • ProgressiveChick

    HE IS NOT AN ASSASSIN!!! Bush is the assassin!!!

    • David Han

      Apparently you missed all of the times that Obama has used Patriot missiles to take out targets. Now Obama says he is allowed to do the same to American citizens. Better duck if Obama gets you in his sights!

    • DrDulcamara

      Dirty Hippie Chick, please name the last US citizen killed without the right of due process by a sitting president. It wasn’t Anwar al Awlaki. It was his 15 year old son who got smoked by an Obama Wan Kenobi drone strike 2 WEEKS AFTER his father was killed.

      Presidouche Obutthole doesn’t just kill American citizens, he kills American CHILDREN too.

  • hongryhawg

    Was something else expected from the msm? Of course not. The pretender could waterboard on the front lawn and there would be no coverage. I hate pretend outrage.

  • Cameron

    In the’60′s, the US military was ordered to cease using tear gas against the VC, but napalm use was OK’d. We could burn them alive but couldn’t make them cry!

  • stinkerbean

    BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT. Quit feeding these fools. Stop watching and let your local stations, cable, sponsors etc know that you are no longer going to listen to their lies. They are destroying the US by not telling the truth. Maybe they need to move to another country because they are not happy with this one. Start Calling them out.

  • gypsy314

    The liberal media is guilty of cover up for the tyrant Obama and crew and Americans will hold them to account soon enough.

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