U.N. in final days of creating global gun control treaty in Manhattan

UNThe United Nations Office for Disarmament is in the last stages of negotiations that began on Monday to finalize what leaders expect to become the first international treaty to regulate the $70 billion global conventional arms trade. The group of nations involved in creating the treaty document at the U.N.’s headquarters in New York City are expected to complete this phase by Thursday, according to U.N. officials.

The latest draft of the small arms treaty was promulgated to the nations participating in the Manhattan conference last Friday, which some groups criticized as disappointing.

The main reason the arms trade talks are taking place at all is that the United States — the world’s biggest arms trader — reversed U.S. policy on the issue after President Barack Obama was elected and decided in 2009 to support a treaty as did his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Supporters of the arms trade treaty believe it’s important to “set standards for all cross-border transfers of any type of conventional weapon — light and heavy,” according to the U.N. statement.

The treaty would also initiate requirements for nations to review all cross-border arms contracts to ensure that the munitions will not be used for terrorism, transnational organized crime, and human rights abuses. The binding treaty will stipulate that governments must refuse to export weapons to countries that would likely use them to violate human rights or commit war crimes.

The current draft treaty says that the following weapon types will be covered battle tanks; armored combat vehicles; large-caliber artillery systems; combat aircraft; attack helicopters; warships; missiles and missile launchers; small arms and light weapons, ranging from assault rifles to handguns.

A previous draft said those were the weapons covered by the treaty “at a minimum.” Rights groups complained that the new draft has narrowed the scope of the treaty. It would not cover unconventional weapons like nuclear, chemical and…


  • Steve Harper

    Obama wants across border laws, he has already broken laws about this, fast and furious, bengazi, you do know that was about guns being shipped to the enemy don’t you, Obama and Clinton both up to the hilt in gun running

  • http://www.facebook.com/adrian.vance1 Adrian Vance

    This is a key part of their world government dream and you can only imagine Obama drooling over it as he thinks he would be in charge!

    See The Two Minute Conservative at: http://tinyurl.com/7jgh7wv and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  • Snake Head Collector

    This is utterly hilarious! Obama and Hilary says they support a cross-boarder treaty and then turns right around and furnishes the Mexican drug cartel with weapons in Fast & Furious. The old joke has never been truer… How do you tell a politician when is lying? Their lips are moving! Welcome to the new world order Americans, enjoy your permanent vacation at Camp FEMA!

  • http://www.facebook.com/linda.dommel Linda Dommel

    I will not comply! SICK of these politicians making laws for the citizens as these politicians are NOT INCLUDED! I’m done with that I’ll fight it out in court & stand my grounds! Do away with their arm guard & any protection at all b-4 the citizens!

  • joshuasweet

    The key part of the UN treaty for Obama’s administration is the restrictions on ammunition. So far Homeland Security is stocking up and the supplies available to citizens are drying up. Even the re-loaders are finding their usual source for used brass, the Military, drying up. So he will let the Arms part of the treat be blocked here but the ban on munitions enforced for what good are firearms with out their ammo?

  • Black Rain

    Friday Iran, Iraq, a d two other nations voted no. Now unless they changed some wording, it’s dead.

  • Killushot

    Velcomen to the New World order Comradaz! As we slide into the oblivion of the new communist/socialist AmeriKa we will loose not only our rights to arms but to free speech, assembly and Due Process. We need real LEADERS to FIGHT this wave of oppression!

    Long Live the Constitution and our Bill of Rights! I have taken an oath to defend them against ALL ENEMIES BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC! I am ready are you?

  • jag57

    This borders on the hilarious,; when we hear a global terrorist organization talking about war crimes. Lets look at history, back to Dec. 1961, this is where the U.S., at the behest of these terrorists, participated in the slaughter of innocent men, women, and children, in the Province of Katanga, in the former Belgian Congo. Katanga was the only Province that had a Christian President, along with peace and tranquility, but these terrorists didn’t want any part of the former Belgian Congo to escape the oppression and tyranny of Communism.

    The “United Nations” is the greatest evil ever perpetrated on a Sovereign Republic, in the history of the world. We can only pray that the globalists thugs that brought this evil to life, had a special in hell reserved for them.

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