Obviously this is an older 20/20 edition, however the information is still current and very useful to know. Enjoy!

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Too Poor for This Door: New York’s Zoning Regulations Favor Fake Income-Equality
Inside E-Sports: An Examination of the World of Pro Gaming
A Town Divided: Small Town Michigan Torn Over Housing Migrant Children
Criminal Monkeys Run Amuck in India
Progress: Missouri Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Pro-Gun Amendment, Still on Ballot
Ted Cruz: How to Solve the Border Crisis by Eliminating the IRS
‘Man Up’ Putin: Feinstein Tells Putin to ‘Man Up’ over Bombed Commercial Flight
Anti-Israel Protesters Defy French Government: Pro-Palestinian Protesters Ignore Ban and March in Paris, Clash with Riot Police
Escaping Death Twice: Cyclist Scheduled to Board Doomed Flights MH370 and MH17 Switched Tickets at the Last Minute
Send Danny A Card: Boy Battling Cancer Only Wants a Card From You for His Birthday
All Talk And No Action: Former Top Reagan Advisor Hammers Obama as being ‘Weak and Timid’ in his Response to Flight MH17 Explosion
‘Got Him In A Bloody Puddle’: Father Walks in on His Son Being Molested, Major Beat Down Ensues
The Law Don’t Work That Way, Son: Two Idiotic Criminals Call Police on Man They Had Just Beaten After He Fired a Warning Shot