highAs your friendly neighborhood college student, I feel obligated to keep all the wonderful readers of Girls Just Wanna Have Guns up to date on the newest designer drugs. If you, like me have made the masochistic mistake to keep up with current events over the last few months, you may need a pick me up. Drug dealers are hard to come by for many, and dark alley ways and dive bar bathrooms can be scary places. So to make it easy, I am going to tell you an easy, cheap way to make your own cough syrup cocktail using only house hold ingredients, such as Skittles and Ice Tea!

The drink is called lean, or purple drank. It originated in Houston, Texas, several years ago, and has become a cult favorite ever since. It is very popular in the hip hop community, and has been glorified by many famous rap stars such as Lil’ Wayne. The concoction is given its name by its deep purple color and rich syrupy bouquet.

To make purple drank, you’ll first want to get some Promethazine with Codeine. For those unfamiliar with the proper chemical names of things, Promethazine with Codeine is simply a prescription cough syrup.

Pro Tip: Make sure you go the extra mile to get the prescription cough syrup for your drink. The over the counter stuff simply won’t cut it for the seasoned homemade drug cocktail connoisseur, and will not produce the same effects. While it is more difficult to obtain, the quality of your drink will make it worth the extra effort.

The final ingredients for purple drank can be found in most homes, gas stations, and vending machines. All you need is some sort of soft drink, and a candy flavor additive. Here is where you can really get creative with your recipe. You can use almost anything to make purple drank, so try mixing and matching soda and candy combinations until you find what is right for you. While Jolly Ranchers are traditionally used in the production of purple drank, substituting it for something like Skittles can put a new twist on an old favorite. Same goes for the drink, anything from Sprite to Ice Tea should do the trick.

Helpful tip: If you fulfill your prescription for cough syrup at a grocery store, you don’t need to make an extra stop to pick up your soft drink and candy.

Mix in a cup until viscous and purple, and you’re ready to get high! If this is your first time using purple drank, you might want to take it slow. Purple Drank causes motor skills impermanent, lethargy, and a dissociative feeling from all other parts of the body.

Fun Fact: Trayvon Martin walked a mile in the pouring rain to pick up his bag of skittles and can of tea.

Fun Analysis: Isn’t it amazing the lengths some people go to satisfy their sweet tooth? In fact, I once crawled over six miles of broken glass and hot sauce to get a milky way and a thimble full of Pepsi.

Funner Fact: There are several Facebook messages from Trayvon Martin asking his friends if they could get him a prescription for Codeine.

Funner Analysis: While this certainly doesn’t prove anything about Mr. Trayvon Martin, it sure gives us reason to step back and think.