BRA BURNING ALERT: Colleges offer credit to students who enter ‘feminist thinking’ into Wikipedia

bra burningFifteen universities worldwide — including Yale University, Brown University, and Pennsylvania State University — will offer college credit to students who “write feminist thinking” into Wikipedia.

The program, “Storming Wikipedia,” will be part of the Dialogues on Feminism and Technology online course developed by FemTechNet, an organization of feminist educators and scholars.

Students will be given course credit if they contribute the “feminist thinking” article on Wikipedia.

Approximately 300 students are currently registered for the course, Alexandra Juhasz, professor of media studies at California’s Pitzer College and one of the course facilitators, told Campus Reform Thursday.

“A woman’s point of view or feminist point of view is not yet expressed in relationship to women in technology in Wikipedia,” she said. “We hope that people engage in this project in respect to other themes as well.”

FemTechNet alleges that many Wikipedia pages are “skewed now toward male participation,” citing a 2011 study which found that fewer than 15 percent of Wikipedia contributors were females, according to…

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  • Susan Cooper

    How about a course on the true agenda of the Islamist cult of enslaving ALL women, The only purpose of Islam is to install Sharia law which makes a woman 1/5 a man. Woman raped is charged as adultery and is punished far worse than the rapist. Woman cannot get a divorce without the husband’s consent even if he beats her almost to death. Woman can be genitally mutilated without her permission.

    When will these “righteous” women realize the real threat to them, their children and grandchildren?

    • slickzip

      AMEN behead all muslim men ,,

    • bjreg3

      They are too stupid to understand that. The liberal left has become a propaganda machine similar in lies to MSNBC and Goebels Germany.

  • slickzip

    YEA burn those “BRA’S” lets see those milk jugs bouncing ,,,,

  • George Reagan

    I love the feminist girls …. unbridled freedom is always exciting. The hard erect nips rubbing against the thin visible cloth. WOHO !!! Bring it on.

  • Dominic De Falco

    Feminist…. Women that have no lives but are desperately seeking some type of recognition and/or relationship with someone, anyone by getting in your face and trying to be control freaks!

  • BeriBeri99

    “feminist thinking” Is anyone else hearing OXYMORON?

  • Terry “OldFox” Seale

    Question: How many feminists does it take to screw in a light bulb?
    Feminist Answer: That’s not funny.

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