5 Muslims Arrested For Arson — To Their OWN HOME!

arsonWhen will people learn that staging a hate crime is the dumbest idea ever? It’s been happening more and more frequently, but the truth gets out and these people look like the world’s biggest idiots. In this case, let’s hope these men are locked away for a long time. They injured several in this phony hate crime and deserve to rot in jail.

After dozens of people were injured in a fire at a refugee home near Paderborn, western Germany, five residents of the home have been arrested.

A spokesperson for the police in North Rhine-Westphalia said on Friday that the men were suspected of having deliberately set light to a mattress.

Around 30 residents of the home were taken to hospital after the blaze on Thursday. One of them was seriously injured.

A further 24 people were treated at the site of the fire.

Fire crews were able to put out the fire on Thursday evening.

The fire had broken out at the former military barracks in Hövelhof-Staumühle on Thursday afternoon.

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