5 Reasons You SHOULD Teach Your Kids How to Shoot

alicia and daughterwebIt seems that, while scouring the world wide web every day, without fail, there is a tragic story of a gun related death, in particular children. These accidents involving children are tragic, no one is questioning that, but the liberal’s solution to these stories is to take away guns. Now, if you are like me you know that’s a bogus answer. But the question is, should kids be allowed near guns? I’m sure you already know the answer: YES! Learning how to shoot can teach kids valuable lessons and also give them a wonderful past time they will be able to enjoy for years to come. There are hundreds of reasons why kids should learn how to shoot but here are just a few that I picked out. Enjoy!

  1. The number one rule: RESPECT.

So many of these tragedies we read about happen because the gun owner didn’t take proper care of their gun. Or they failed to properly educate their child the correct safety precautions when around a firearm. In my childhood, although we didn’t have a real gun, I remember my grandmother telling us to never point the toy gun we had at each other. If she caught us doing it, the fun would end pretty quickly. We learned not to point TOY guns at other people. She was trying to teach us that guns must be handled with respect. If we didn’t handle the gun with respect, we lost the gun. Kids who are educated in gun safety will be more than likely become responsible gun owners. They will have learned to have respect for the firearm.

  1. Growth

Giving a child a gun and teaching them how to use it will probably be one of their first encounters with real seriousness and respect, a very adult type of respect. Letting a child know that if they shoot something that is alive, they cannot take that back. Shooting and killing something cannot be undone. This is one way to introduce kids to adult responsibilities. This will not only help them grow as gun owners but also as a person. A more responsible and respectful person in all that they do. It will help them realize their actions do have consequences and they should consider those consequences before they act.

  1. Saving Lives

We’ve all heard the stories, concealed carriers stopping shooters, women preventing their own rapes with one shot. Shooting is more than just a past time, it could save your life. Remember Andrew Mason? He was the Las Vegas teen that that protected his siblings from two home invaders with a .22LR rifle. Preparing children for the worst will help terrible situations have a happy ending.

  1. FUN!

We all know how much fun shooting can be! From competitive shooting to hunting, shooting is something that both boys and girls can do. And the playing field, with practice, can be pretty level. I know many girls that can out shoot boys despite the boys being stronger. It can be for everyone and it’s a past time that can last a lifetime. And who doesn’t like a little competition.

  1. It’s a RIGHT!

Use the shooting range for a history lesson. The right to bear arms is just that: a right. Let your children know that. My dad told me that despite all the lessons his dad taught him about guns, the most important thing he learned was he was being given a right that was as old as our country. People who used guns freed our country. We were given the right to bear arms to protect our freedom. We should never forget our history and passing down the history will show children how important this right is.

About the author: Rachel Wingenbach

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