‘I Have Had It’: 82-Year Old Black Woman Has Had It With Democrat Party, Goes Off On A Rant [VIDEO]

Boom! This veteran democrat has turned and is done with her party. She has seen the light. Check it out.

The woman called into C-Span during the time when Barack Obama was doing his early voting. She identified herself as Joyce and indicated that she is an 82-year old black grandmother who has been a Democrat her entire life, but voted straight down the Republican ticket this year. Her voice is filled with both anger and passion as she explains why she has left the Democrat Party.

It is worth listening to the entire two-minute segment. She begins by saying, “First, let me start by saying that I am an 82-year old, black, senior citizen grandmother and I voted straight Republican because I have been noticing for years what the Democrat party have done to my people.”

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