A FRAGILE ISIS: British Special Forces Colonel Claims ISIS’s ‘House of Cards’ is About to Implode

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 9.19.32 AMHopefully this is true!

British troops helping train Kurdish forces in Iraq believed the defeat of Islamic State is imminent, it was reported last night.

A Special Forces Colonel claimed ISIS are ‘fragile’ and in a ‘poor position’ after suffering devastating losses of both land and militant fighters.

The terror group has apparently been weakened thanks to the training Kurdish soldiers have received from the UK special forces and the continuing air strikes.

‘The reality is that there is a fragility,’ one British Colonel, who cannot be named, reportedly toldThe Sun’s David Willetts.

‘They are fragile and in a poor position and the day is coming when the house of cards will fall.’

Another British officer, Brigadier James Learmont, who is also based in the country, reportedly added: ‘The tide of the battle is turning against IS. That aura of invincibility is not there now.’

He explained that people could finally see that ISIS were beatable and ‘it’s just a question of time’.

British soldiers returned to Iraq at the end of last year to train Kurdish fighters in using heavy weapons as the running battles were intensifying.

It came five years after the last combat troops left Iraq following the invasion which toppled former dictator Saddam Hussein.

Other western countries including the United States have also been training Kurdish peshmerga forces.

One Kurdish fighter claimed not to have had ‘a clue’ before being trained by British soldiers, but said they were now ready to fight for their homeland.

Militant numbers are now said to have fallen by 8,000 in Iraq, from 18,000.

ISIS first came to prominence last year when they took over the Iraqi city of Mosul, establishing themselves as a major force crossing the border between Iraq and Syria.

The group quickly achieved worldwide notoriety by beheading a number of Western hostages and publishing grisly videos of the killings carried out by ‘Jihadi John’, a British terrorist later revealed to be Mohammed Emwazi, 27, from west London.

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