A Second Assault Weapons Ban, More Controlling than the First

We know what the old assault weapons ban looked like, but what would a new, federal assault weapons ban include? No doubt it would ban AR-15s and AK-47s. If we look at what the gun control lobby has pushed recently, high-capacity magazines, incredibly high taxes on firearms and ammunition, limits to the number of firearms you can purchase in a month, microstamping, closing of private transactions and gun show sales, and a cease to mail-order ammunition sales.

I examined the states’ laws that currently have an assault weapons ban in place and drew my own conclusions about what President Obama’s assault weapons ban could look like:

• A federal register of your firearms
• Ban on .50 BMG
• No private sales of firearms
• Limitation on the amount of ammunition you can possess
• Microstamping
• Limitations on how many guns you may own
• Class III items such as machine guns, suppressors, and short-barreled rifles would become illegal
• Ban on handguns
• Magazine capacity limits

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