AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR HILLARY: Favorability Plummets After FBI Probe Reignites

BOOM! This is just what we want to see. And the opposite of what Hillary wants. Hopefully they will find something to send her to prison so she can’t hurt anymore American citizens.

By Robert Schroeder

Sixty percent of voters view Hillary Clinton unfavorably, according to a ABC News/Washington Post poll released Monday morning, the highest level of unpopularity yet for the Democratic presidential nominee.

Her Republican opponent Donald Trump is seen unfavorably by essentially as many, 58%. Overall, the race for president is heading down to the wire, with the poll showing Clinton leading Trump among likely voters by just one point, 46% to 45%. The poll was taken Wednesday through Saturday.

Using the last two nights’ results, after FBI Director James Comey revealed a further Clinton-related email investigation, 47% of the Democratic nominee’s supporters said they were very enthusiastic about her, compared with 51% across the previous six nights.

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