Al-Qaeda-Kentucky-FBI-ABC-screenshotThe Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has released shocking video of an Al Qaeda-linked terror cell that was operating in Kentucky. Stinger missiles capable of downing U.S. commercial airliners, grenades, RPG’s, and an assortment of other weaponry that had been rendered inoperable by the FBI can be seen being handled by the cell in the video footage.

The 2010 video was obtained exclusively by ABC News and shows a man granted status by the U.S. government as an Iraqi war refugee handling the weapons. Two men were involved in the case, and one of them has been shown to have killed Americans in Iraq with a roadside bomb. The FBI was able to match fingerprints with those found on an improvised explosive device (IED) that had been used in Iraq to kill U.S. soldiers.

The FBI acknowledged the involvement of a confidential human source (CHS), commonly referred to as an informant, in bringing down the terrorists. Other than that acknowledgement, the FBI did not release much more detail.

My own experiences working with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) as an undercover operational source may shed some light on this investigation.

Generally, the FBI is alerted by a CHS or another citizen about statements or expressed intentions that could result in the loss of lives. Depending on the relationship the FBI has with the CHS, they then determine whether to operate that …

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