AMANDA CARPENTER: Responds to Cruz Sex Scandal Allegations, ‘I’m Not a Marriage Cheat, But Trump IS’

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 10.02.33 AMThis is one bloody battle. How many more blows do you think are going to be dealt?

Former Ted Cruz aide Amanda Carpenter sent out a torrent of tweets this afternoon pointing fingers at Donald Trump and his campaign operatives for spreading the smear that she had an affair with the Texas senator, sparked by a story that appeared in the National Enquirer.

‘The thing that’s especially ironic is that hordes of Trump supporters accuse me of being an adulterer when their candidate really is one,’ she wrote on Twitter this afternoon. ‘I’ve never cheated on my husband. But, Trump has cheated on his wife/wives, MANY times. Chew on that Trumpers.’  

Carpenter, now a CNN contributor, continued to rage when she saw that Trump’s social media director Dan Scavino had peddled a web video that purported to show evidence of the affair – mainly that she was wearing a suit jacket the same day Cruz’s was missing.

‘Donald Trump CANNOT say he isn’t smearing women when his own social media director is doing it,’ she wrote, adding the hashtag, #NeverTrump.

‘How many more Trump men will smear my reputation,’ she added, tagging Scavino and Roger Stone, who was quoted in the National Enquirer article. ‘Who else #SleazyDonald?’ she asked.

Scavino had commented and shared the video writing ‘Amazing,’ adding ‘@RealDonaldTrump’s fault,’ suggesting that the video had shown enough proof for the tabloid tale to be true.

Earlier today Carpenter had responded to the allegations shown in the clip, saying the jacket wasn’t Cruz’s: ‘does he wear an elbow length jacket with ruched sleeves?’

‘Get back to huffing chem trails, trolls,’ she added.

Cruz decided not to wear a jacket on television because he wanted to show off a fake tattoo, which Carpenter explained was a staff-wide joke, which is why she was wearing one too.

The video also suggests she was up late eating cheese with a ‘friend,’ hinting that friend was Cruz because he said publicly that he loves cheese.

Once Scavino caught wind that Carpenter was asking friends to screenshot ‘this smear job about me,’ he wrote back: ‘#ICYMI Ms. Carpenter wants friends to abolish me from Twitter for replying to a Twitter users video clip? #Priceless’

‘I want you to be accountable for harassing me. That’s what I want. This is harassment by a presidential campaign,’ she replied.

The video was hashtagged #CubanMistressCrisis, an internet nickname given to the affairs story, which Trump said Sunday he did not place in the tabloid.

‘I had nothing to do with it, the campaign had nothing to do with it,’ Trump said of the National Enquirer to ABC’s Jonathan Karl on This Week, though he refused to condemn it.

‘I don’t care, I don’t care, the National Enquirer did a story, it was their story, it wasn’t my story, it was about Ted Cruz, I have no idea if it was right or not.’

‘They actually have a very good record of being right, but I have absolutely no idea,’ Trump added. ‘Frankly, I hope it’s not right.’

Friday’s brouhaha over the National Enquirer story was the cherry on top to an already nasty week in politics between Republican rivals Cruz and Trump over their wives.

It began with an ad that came out – courtesy of the Make America Awesome super PAC – that showed a nude Melania Trump in an attempt to ‘slut shame’ the potential first lady and have voters choose Cruz instead.

‘And just so you understand, that super PAC is very friendly to Ted Cruz, he knew all about it, 100 percent, so he started it, I didn’t start it,’ Trump said Sunday.

 Cruz condemned the ad and maintained he had nothing to do with it – though it had suggested that voters support the senator.

‘The ad they put out was deplorable,’ Cruz said. ‘And as soon as I saw it I denounced it and said it was wrong, but it wasn’t us.’

At the time, Cruz put out an olive branch of sorts on Twitter, writing, ‘Donald, real men don’t attack women. your wife is lovely, and Heidi is the love of my life.’

Trump didn’t back down, threatening via Twitter to ‘spill the beans’ on Cruz’s wife Heidi and then, on Sunday, hinted that something wasn’t quite right in Heidi Cruz’s past.

Amanda Carpenter called out Donald Trump - who has said he had nothing to do with the National Enquirer report - saying he's culpable by association if his social media director is pushing the story 

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