AND THE DUMMY AWARD GOES TO: This Principal used Graduation Speech to Rip Police, Offended Parents Walk Out [WATCH]

This guy should know better. This is our education system, America.

Maybe we should just do away with graduation ceremonies altogether. If anyone says something worthwhile at one of them, the result is so much shrieking it hardly seems worth it. And the flip side of that proposition is that graduation ceremonies give a voice to knuckleheads like this guy, who thinks it’s his big moment in the sun to rip the police for their psychopathic propensity to murder black men.

Skretta is a prime example of a guy who is easily led by the narrative of the moment. The police are out there just wantonly killing black men because they have guns and they feel like it? Oh? And where did he get this idea? Well obviously he got it from paying lots of attention to news reports and absorbing the narrative like a good little activist liberal. No doubt he’s every bit as committed to the fights against “climate change” and “income inequality” because you just hear about them so darn much.

Back to the police thing, though, here’s why this matters and why this dope’s self-indulgent speech is an example of how dangerous this whole storyline has become.

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