ANOTHER ALLEGED ISIS LOVER: Arrested in U.S., But the Court Documents Reveal Something Terrifying

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 5.29.17 PMOnce again, do tell us, Obama, how your gun control measures will stop this from happening?

Authorities arrested an alleged Islamic State sympathizer over the weekend in Seattle.

The Joint Terrorism Task Force raided the Montesano home of Daniel Seth Franey on Saturday and arrested him for unlawful possession of guns, including machine guns, CNN reported.

Franey got the attention of authorities after a witness told law enforcement that Franey talked openly about “his desire to kill Americans” and said that he “wants to travel to Afghanistan to kill American soldiers, and that all non-Muslim Americans should be killed.”

Franey served in the U.S. Army for six years before he was discharged in 2008. According to court documents, he told people that he “deserted the army,” and Army documents retrieved during the investigation confirmed the claim.

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