ANTI-GUN BRITISH REPORTER: Asks U.S. Veteran if He is ‘Proud’ to Live in Our Country, His Response will Have You Cheering [WATCH]

The audacity of this ‘journalist’.

When asked if he was “proud” of the number of Americans who die by gunshot wounds every year, a U.S. veteran said he didn’t know how to answer due to the phrasing of the question.

Instead, during an appearance on Britain’s Channel 4 News, Armed American Radio reporter Neil McCabe argued that Americans, including himself, do not have an obligation to be a victim of an attack.

The exchange between McCabe and Channel 4 reporter John Snow began when the British journalist asked, “are you proud of a country that manages to see the deaths of 13,338 people from gun shot wounds from guns fired by civilians in your country in one year?”

McCabe refused to answer the question and instead asserted that he was a proud veteran of the war in Iraq and could not be held responsible for that statistic.

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