ANTIFA Protester Hits MAGA Man, Then All Hell Breaks Loose [Video]

It is safe to assume that ANTIFA and Trump supporters do not mix well.

So when a violent altercation between two such people breaks out, it is not shocking… just entertaining.

The fight started when an anti-Trump protester hit a Trump supporter with his sign.

You can see in the video the Trump supporter is daring the far-left loon to hit him. The man, pushed to his limit, eventually does hit him with his propaganda sign.

At that moment all hell was unleashed.

The Trump supporter responded with a flurry of punches.


He landed one blow to the protester’s face, which knocked him to the ground.

Bystanders broke up the fight and some chick on a megaphone can be heard yelling, ‘do not engage!’

Little late for that lady…

The origin of the footage is not certain, but the video took over the internet on Monday, titled: ‘MAGA MAN knocks out Antifa’s GANDALF the Fuc Out.’

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