AOL Top News Readers Caught Off Guard By Nearly Every Major Event In the Past Year

bye aolBOSTON, MA – After collecting surveys that were sent out last month to readers of different online news providers, data showed that those people who relied on AOL Top News for their information were completely unaware of nearly every major occurrence in the past year.

“Seriously, a bomb? In Boston? Where the hell have I been?!”, said one AOL reader who had answered the survey question – What happened on April 15th, 2013 in Boston – by saying “Supposedly the best man at a wedding did something you’d never expect and a student claimed to be violated pretty badly by TSA”.

However being unaware of the Boston marathon bombing was not the only major occurrence AOL users had been aloof too.

The surveys showed that readers of the email provider’s news service had only learned that The Future Doesn’t Look Good for Olive Garden during the Newton school shooting, as well as a All Bacon Statue of Kevin Bacon was constructed the same day as the Oklahoma tornado.


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