APPLY COLD WATER TO THAT BURN: Justice Clarence Thomas Doesn’t Hold Back in the Dissent for the Gay Marriage Ruling

Clarence_Thomas_official_SCOTUS_portrait1Justice Clarence Thomas didn’t hold anything back when he and Justice Antonin Scalia wrote the dissent for the historical Supreme Court ruling to invalidate same-sex marriage bans. He challenges liberty, stating the petitioners “have in no way been deprived” of their liberty. He also says:

“Since well before 1787, liberty has been understood as freedom from government action, not entitlement to government benefits,”

“They have been able to travel freely around the country, making their homes where they please. Far from being incarcerated or physically restrained, petitioners have been left alone to order their lives as they see fit.”

He has a point! You should apply cool water to that burn, gay marriage supporters.

But if that wasn’t harsh enough, he goes on to challenge  human dignity. What he has to say will make gay marriage supporters angrier than ever.


Thomas shows these people had their dignity all along and there was nothing the government could do to take it away…or grant it to them. If they didn’t have their dignity before, they won’t have it after this ruling. That is something they need to find on their own. So that leaves the question; is this fight really over with? This case will not grant them dignity and the only way they know how to search for it is to find something the government can do for them. You haven’t heard the last of these people, I guarantee it.

About the author: Rachel Wingenbach

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