ARBY’S BLACK EMPLOYEE: Refuses Woman Service Because She is a…

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 9.53.34 AMThey’re claiming it was a joke. With all the hate and violence against cops these days, I doubt it was just a joke.

Fast food chain Arby’s has apologized to the policeman who was refused service at a south Florida restaurant ‘due to being a police officer’.

Sergeant Jennifer Martin from the Pembroke Pines Police Department was in uniform when she went to a location in the Miami-area city on Tuesday night and an employee allegedly told his manager he didn’t want to serve her.

The police department created a press release about the event, prompting a wave of Internet outrage that led to a quick corporate apology on Wednesday.

Martin filed an ‘offense report‘ about the incident after she was told that Kenneth Davenport, 19, did not want to serve her when she pulled up to the drive-thru window.

His manager Angel Mirabal, 22, allegedly told the officer that he didn’t want to give her the food she ordered ‘because you are a police officer’.

The report said that Mirabal was referencing Davenport when she made the remarks and that the employee had not run Martin’s credit card after she gave it to him.

Martin reported that she told the manager the situation made her uncomfortable  and eventually went inside and being given a refund.

‘I was uncertain of the condition of my food and felt, for my safety, it would be best not to eat there,’ Martin wrote.

It was unclear what the officer, who took Mirabal’s contact information but could not get Davenport’s, thought had been done to her food.

Mirabal had also allegedly said that the employee had the right not to serve the officer, according to NBC Miami.

‘I am offended and appalled that an individual within our community would treat a police officer in such a manner,’ the department’s Chief Dan Giustino in the ensuing press release.

Giustino said in the release that the incident was ‘unacceptable’ and he would be asking for an apology from Arby’s CEO Paul Brown.

The missive also said that it recognized it was an ‘isolated incident’ and pointed to a mother and daughter dropping off cookies and a thank you card for police the same day.

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