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Paige Perkins is a student of politics and economics and an artist. She has been a California private school educator, a political writer for the Hollywood Weekly and she spent 10 years working in urban youth ministry in Los Angeles County before returning to college to pursue a conservative political education.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=510723567 Aaron James Duff

    I and any nation or person would be a fool to not invest in a gold backed international currency.

  • arbuthnot

    Simple: Domestic manufacturing business or domestic energy exportation is required for wealth creation This Administration cripples both.

    • Christian Dystopian

      Actually on the energy front Fracking & Total Economic & Environmental Destruction continues unchecked. As for Domestic manufacturing it is crippling regulation written by anti competitive Multi National (Foreign Owned) Corporations that cripple any competition. Couple this with ruinous public & private Debt owned by the Unconstitutional Federal Reserve Bank & you have the American, indeed the World Economy in a nutshell. All kept in place by the American Military abroad & the DHS/KGB Army at home. Obama is but a Decoy of the Corporate Oligarchy ruling what once was America. Welcome to “The Homeland Formerly Known As America.”

    • wildeagleone


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brandon-Deel/570479350 Brandon Deel

    The pic looks kind of like me except I’m a guy. I have a pistol and a Shinwa Dragon Lord sword to defend myself with when the bullets run out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dreW119 Andrew Merrill

    What is a whimsical hippie foreign policy? Our foreign policy is killing us…and a whole lot of other people.

    • tionico

      so true, but I don’t see our foreign policy as being “hippie” at all. Nor is it “whimsical”. It is a deliberate programme to dominate the entire world, bossing and nannying and controlling every place we possibly can. More like the drug kingpin overlord telling everyone in the neighbourhood how to live, what to eat, what to smoke/not smoke, and whom to patronise with their business. No wonder we are in a “war on terror”, we bring plenty enough everwhere we go, and then get mad at the “poshback”. Stop antagonising in every corner of the world, maybe not so many would bother to retaliate. Reminds me of the British Empire, upon which the sun never sat. The expense of world dominatoin was too great, and crushed the bothersome meddlesome emperors in their press for world domination. Let the rest of the world take care of itself. Read George Washington’s Farewell Address, as he left his position as President. HE understood how it all works. Funny thing, Ron Paul’s foreign policy platform was almost word for word George Washington’s admonishment on how to relate to the rest of the planet.

  • Jim

    Interesting read. This article needs to get into as many hands as possible.

  • CaptTurbo

    Well certainly, if the usurper has his way we are definitely moving to a post US world. This is the pResident’s primary goal.

    • Myrtle Linder

      He is manipulating us in that direction, in every act and in every law he legalizing, and it is meant to be a Islam world.

  • ReaperHD

    All part of bin bama destroying the Constitution and the American People economically.

  • senseimitch

    Only 6 comments so far, but the majority demonstrate why our country is in decline. arbuthnot: News flash, this is not a new phenomenon, Bush Sr, Clinton, W and Obama are all globalists who have mass exported manufacturing and energy to the determent of America. They want you to blame this administration (for the record the worst of the 4). The owners of the Republican and Democrat parties have adopted a communist ideal, 2 steps forward one step backwards and no one will notice you are advancing. The Republican is the most loosely controlled because their base is active and typically more aware of these programs, however like the dems they continue to let themselves be played. “We the People” have become complacent and willing to believe whatever we are fed, like the fact that a candidate that never garnered more than 25% support (Romney) was suddenly a front runner! Couple that with the fact that Republicans *never* dispute a close election (in CT the last election saw the Repub loose by less than a 100 votes, yet no recount or protest at the last minute “found” votes, no recount because the Repub conceded). This story is repeated over and over around the country if you pay attention. No protests to the numerous counties where 100-250% of the voters votes, surprisingly all dem! We the People have a lot of waking up to do, we need to stay involved to keep those elected honest and representative!

    • baddab

      Clinton is solely to blame for the mass exodus of nanufacturing with his much touted NORTH AMERICAN FREE TRADE AGREEMENTalso referred to as NAFTA~which encouraged manufacturing to leave the country giving our jobs to the poorer central american where the salary and benefits they now pay are roughly 20% of what they paid US workers and no longer worry about unemployment and retirement for their workers

      • tr60

        NAFTA was negotiated, written and passed through Congress under the George H.W. Bush administration. It was all packaged and sitting on Clinton’s desk when he became president.

        • tr60


          It’s just not so simple. There are people in this country trying to destroy our manufacturing base and it’s not the people you think.

        • http://twitter.com/Jstarusa James Star

          To quote Hillary “What does it matter now?” whose to blame, fix it! If they dont start thinking about this country first, we wont be able to help the other countries! And they sure as hell wont help us!

      • senseimitch

        Jerome is correct, NAFTA was negotiated under H.W.Bush. He like all of his predecessors was a globalist. Republicans need to admit they have a problem (globalist republicans) if they are going to fix the problem. We need to stop voting for those who repeatedly prove they are not representing us.

        No one wanted NAFTA or thought it was a good idea, it is still a bad idea and continues to kill jobs. When a Dem or a Repub says “Free Trade” they mean it like “Free Love”. What we should be demanding is “Fair Trade”, tariffs at the border to level the playing field, so US workers are not undercut and there is no financial incentive to move your manufacturing base.

        • tionico

          remove the intolerable load put upon American business bu the nanny government, controlling, regulating, taxing, restricting, and mandating all manner of worhtless and costly things not necessary to doing business. THAT will go a long ways toward removing the financial incentive to move production offshore.

          • Drake723

            And killing lots of Americans

      • tionico

        so, a deeper question: WHY is it that Mexican workers can be satisfied with one fifth the wages we get here? WHY do we need so much money? COncider all the load our government puts on the average individual. When is “tax freedom day” this year. the point at which we’ve paid all our increase to the government at variious levels and now can start keeping the rest of the year’s income for ourselves? Last year it was mod July, if memory serves. So, since we Yanks have to work more than six months of the year to “buy” our government “services”, that explains half the difference. My bet is that half of the rest is due to increased costs of doing business because of regulations, requirements, government meddling and controls, on business here in this country. SO… the problem is not NAFTA, but government. If we could roll back FedGov regulation and taxation to ONLY those few and specific areas of power given it in the COnstitution, we’d cut our costs, our “overhead”, if you will, by more than half. Consider the bloat collectively found in the EPA, DOT, DOE, DoJ, FBI, NSA, CIA, HSA, all ostensibly doing the same thing (security and information gathering and regulating/harrassing at various levels, NONE of which are detailed to FedGov in the COnstitution), AG, ED, BLM, ICC, HHS, NLRB, AEC, get rid of all these, not only would we all be able to breatjhe a HUGE sigh of relief, we’d be working several months of the year LESS than we now do to feed these trolls and pigs. No, NAFTA is not the root of the problem. It is an ever-increasing nanny state that insists on managing, meddling, running every aspect of not only OUR lives, but half the known world outside our shores. Get rid of the bloat and watch what happens to the unburdened economy. Most American manufacturers and businesses would far RATHER retain their workforce here…. easier to manage, closer to home, part of a community, simplified logistics, and the list goea on….. but no, government make it impossible to compete by the burdens of their nannying, bullying, strangling.

      • polmutant

        partly true, it was also clinton/waldon that opened the flood doors from china. it was simple plan, money is not wealth, money is byproduct of wealth. simply sell technology for short term dollars and welfarize the sheoples, the sheoples get brain rot, and know nothing more than welfare/subsidy.

      • Trkwp

        Actually Kennedy started it shortly after he took office. When I started with the United States Customs Service the first thing mentioned was “we are implementing the Kennedy Rounds of Tariff Reductions”. The average tariff was a little less than 50 percent. Now they are less than 2 percent. Blame big and small business and unions for creating an atmosphere of mutual hatred. Also, it was under Kennedy that we removed silver from circulation, although he never got to see the first “clad ” coin, which was 1964.

    • http://twitter.com/Jstarusa James Star

      What leverage that We the people had was our voting! Now with the invalid voting accepted by the Republicans, what leverage do we have? If something isnt done in 2014 about the voting, we are toast! Watch out Republican Senators and Congressman, you may just lose your cushy jobs!

  • worldwatchman

    A so-called President and his dimwits purposely zapping our strength so they can get votes and grow government and attempting to take We The People’s rights to our firearms and ammunition seems like they’re in favor of the communist way of running things. THE worst, again..so-called President in American history. How, he has fooled and dumbed down so many! Unbelieveable. Keep your arms and stock up on ammo, gear, supplies…just in case.

    • baddab

      I warned everyone about the future if they elected senator Obama telling them the USA would cease to exist and become the USSA~united socialist states of america….now I hate to ask if they believe me now

  • NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    Once Obama’s impeached on the Benghazi issue, he’ll be a non-entity “lame duck”. Congress in the 2014 election will shift in our favor. People are fed up, and it’s the conservative base, which did not come out to vote in the Presidential election, that will need to get out the vote. If not, we will be subjected to the incompetence and ignorance of failed Marxist policies that will destroy this country. Time is short. If change back to normalcy doesn’t happen soon, I’m afraid this country will devolve into a race war that will divide us into two separate camps like the North and South in the Civil War. We will have the Red Conservative States v. the Blue Liberal Welfare States. The US will become “balkanized” and will no longer factor as a power to compete with the Chinese Empire.

  • old_salty_dawg99

    YEs is the answer if the IGNORANT LIBERAL MORON”S get their way.The LIES andf STUPIDITY they spew on things like Abortion,the BIBLE and now Gay marriage will destroy this Nation which is what Obammy and his fellow IDIOTS want.

  • sovereigntyofone

    When you stop and think about it, what does the United State manufacture that the world demands with the exception of military armament? Our steel mills for the most part are gone thanks to EPA and Tree Huggers, We once had a booming electronics industry that Japan and China has taken over. Even our government buys Chinese counterfeited electronic parts (if they haven’t changed the policies lately). Yes, we still have our auto industry but even that is threatened by better made and cheaper foreign cars. So when you get right down to it, what does the United States make/manufacture that anyone or the world for that matter wants to buy? We use to be a leading ” industrial ” nation, that has long gone thanks to massive EPA regulations and other business choking laws.

    • baddab

      You need to ho to el paso and Laredo and watch the trains crossing the border with NEWLY MANUFACTURED AMERICAN MADE automobiles!!!! Go into Walmart the clothes are finished products imported…go to home depot and look at the ladders…they are all Chinese knock offs of the patents owned by WERNER LADDER CORP of Greenville pa which are sold by Lowes and now manufactured in mexico…RUSSELL SPORTSWEAR HQ in Alexander city Alabama closed all plants EXCEPT their home plant and relocated to mexico after spending over 18 months telling those American workers they were not closing those plants in Florida, Mississippi, southern ala, and Georgia down…professional sports uniforms have the distinctive red white and blue letter R on their uniforms…this is but a small sample of all the american jobs lost thanks to bill Clintons nafta treaty signed into law in 1995

      • tionico

        Sure, NAFTA was a bum deal… but didn’t cause all this mess. Look at what it costs to hire employees.. high minimum wage for mindless work, often union rules minimising the effectiveness of an hour’s paid time, and now, the ridiculous extra load of Obummertax… soon to add some thirty percent to the cost of hiring anyone. Now, add in so many stupid and ineffective EPA regs, and you’re driven the cost of doing any bueiness in this country through the roof. I’d move out, too. I didn’t even get near the US tax xtructure, raping anyone diligent enough to actually MAKE any money. Camn’t pass it down to the next generation, as government goons are standing there with their hands out before the dirt has covered the casket. WHY? To support our “foreign interventions” in close to two hundred sovereign nations round the globe. Mexico isn’t doing this, so doesn’t have tpo steal money from their workers to pay for it. And to think we had a candidate who had a workable plan to turn this mess round within about five years….. but he was “unelectable”…. and so marginalised. SO, we continue to race toward the cliff….

    • tr60

      China has a surging steel industry because it does not have EPA strangle holds. They also recently had 13,000 dead pigs floating in some river.

      • tionico

        both true, but are they connected? I’ve not seen the evidence for that. Sure, they don’t take much care for the future of their environment, or ours. Check out the insane mess of making the batteries for our “hybrid” cars……. a sick story. Sure, our EPA is out to destroy our economy and social order, but their lack of ANY such care is giong a long way toward destroying their land… which is worse, because an economy cn crash and burn, then be rebuilt. What can you do with tonnes of lithium waste infesting thousands of square miles of lake and foreshore? Hmm.. wait a few thousand years.

        We do need to rein in our insane environmental policies, many of which are based on junk “science” and “bought studies” to “prove” this or that falsehood, thus lining the pockets of large companies with no morals. I grew up in Southern California, and the smog in LA was truly horrid. Its gone now…. has been for decades. But the EPA continues to squeeze further, making us all prisoners to this planet. Meanwhile, they keep cranking out dollars by the bilion and “easing” them into our currency stream.. making the ones I earned worth far less. Bernanke and his Keynesian drones are whacked.

    • Made_in_the_USA

      Government Motors (formerly General Motors) builds all sub-assemblies for the ‘American made’ vehicles in China. We ship the individual components to china, chinese workers assemble the components into sub-assemblies, like engines, transmissions, alternators, doors, etc., then send these sub-assemblies right back to the U.S. for the ‘final’ assembly. GM vehicles are almost completely manufactured in china, with only the final assembly done in America. That’s why GM’s CEO went to china to ‘christen’ the 11 or so new mfg facilities built after the involuntary taxpayer bailout with our money.
      Let that sink in for a few minutes…….we paid for these ELEVEN large manufacturing facilities built in china with American taxpayer money. I couldn’t make this up if I tried!

      • boone1

        You bet we did and soon GM will be moving all of it’s plants to China and they will be shipping whole cars back to sell to these dumb AZZ Americans.Thats why I don’t buy GM anymore.

  • baddab

    And the advancements of the Chinese military started when bill Clinton GAVE them the technology to guide their rockets in space….prior to that their missiles could not hit the broad side of a barn if pointed right at it…now they can hit any target in the USA with precise accuracy…

  • Philip

    I for one, welcome our new Chinese overlords.

    • USAmerican100

      That’s what my Chinese friend’s father said, right up until the Red Guard killed him for being a College professor.

  • Sinatra98

    This Administration is totally out of focus with reality not but power seeking bullfrogs

  • bobk90

    Great Article… I just hope the Folks on the West Coast have been practicing “Mandarin” Chinese because they will need it soon!

  • Al

    For the last 4 decades we have been moving away from a nation that builds things to everyone has to go to college and not get their hands dirty. Mike Rowe said it best, “not everyone is suited for college and trade or technical training would be better for them.” This when he spoke to congress about our declining role in manufacturing. Funny part is the more educated we become seems like the more we want to give up freedom and wisdom.


    The libs are not clueless they know exactly what will happen but don’t care. What they’re counting on is the mass stupidity on the part of the same moronic Americans who reelected Obama. They figure if these masses were stupid then, they’ll be stupid now and can be lied to about it still being Bush or the GOP who are responsible. They figure Obama can grab the mic and say “it was far far worse than we’d expected, we need to print more $ and raise more taxes”. If we don’t have our GOP young guns out there doing what Rand Paul did, with Rubio and Cruz joining in, the left will own the message and they will get away with it. We also need people like McCain to STFU when men with real balls get up and speak out. Lead, follow or get outta the way!

  • marineh2ominer

    This ALL falls within Obama ss plans to turn the United States into a 3rd world communist state .

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    It would be rather stupid on China’s part to go to war with the USA, for two reasons, both centering around their economy…..they attack us, they lose their biggest customer of their cheap, crappy knock-off products, which ties into loads of raw materials we ship them AND the probability of us paying back our debt to them drops to zero, thus losing billions on that front as well.

    Of course, being stupid has started many a war, so…….
    Believe it or not, this administration is not stupid, no, this game is being carefully run in the back rooms of DC where the real puppet masters and world wide power brokers are pulling the strings to deliberately crash this economy, throw the entire world into economic chaos and use this turmoil to establish a one world government. Failing that, they will be content for a while to establish a socialist / Marxist government to ‘rescue’ America after our economic collapse.

    Prepare while you can.

    • polmutant

      when condoleeza rice was in china about currency manipulation, 2 chinese generals spoke up. they said that china was prepared to give up all it’s east coast production cities in exchange for destroying america. 1st buy dumping all usd and then by physical war. the topic was dropped, as america is too week. this was all over the east european news but not 1word of it in america. today china,russia, bric, taiwan all exchange commerc without the use of usd. this is the end of the dollar peg. today because china can shut down usa just by refusing to sell product, not even dump USD. the district of communists has taken up borrowing $ from the allah lands. this money that is being borrowed is the same money that was given under the guise of forgein aid. there is 1problem. under sharia/islam interest is forbidden. the interest is bow to sharia law/islam. keep in mind the joint chiefs of staff eat at this trough, senate, congress, and scotus. because armies eat. USA cannot even affor to feed it’s military.

    • rick0857

      Thanks for the link Silas

    • rick0857

      The probability of us repaying our debt to them is ALREADY ZERO haven’t you been PAYING ATTENTION?? Where in the hell are WE going to get 17 TRILLION DOLLARS???


    DIDEN”T this very same thing happen a couple of year’s ago~~~say around 1933 to 1945~~~?? and did anyone pay attention ?? FOOL’S just let it happen,,just like now !!! TOO scared to say anything..thought it could NEVER happen in there country !!! wasen’t there a lot of school killing’s,,and people going crazy ?? OH yeah,,there leader set all that up and blamed people called JEW’S for it and also used it to take all the gun’s from all the people..then set up RESCUE camp’s that later became concentration camp’s..then a whole bunch of INNOCENT people where MURDERED..THEN IT WAS WAY TOO LATE !!!! so what are you going too do ??? you ever see a 20 million mark bill ?? A lot of GI’s that served in Germany have,,it’s called WALL PAPER money..they had to print it twice a day to keep up with inflation..AND the leader and his bunch NEVER suffered from it,,they had all the Food,,Car’s,,Home’s,,Vacation’s,,Money,,Guard’s all around,,THEY had nothing to WORRY about…WHAT ABOUT YOU ???

  • James Klug

    The White House One is not clueless; he know exactly what he is doing. He wants a post-US world, as long as he and his friends can accumulate enough wealth and power to see them through, he lives as Alfed E. Neuman (“What? Me worry?) Read the Old Testament book of Amos & see that this is another rerun of an old, old story.

  • polmutant

    welcome to amafrika, were the sheoples are too poor to pay attention they cry out night and “take our wool, eat our children, only leave us grass to eat” I am a man a proud american man, can some one give me a food stamp to eat? shelter me? we bow before the commie pink kenyan he is our god, what is a constitution? is it domething i ate? and a republic? is it something i drank? just give me my food stamp. how bad is it? in the early 1990’s 1usd bought 27pln {Polish zloty} at the height of the crisis 1USD bought 2pln, today with the recovery in America 1USD buys 3.25pln. the homo’s, baby murders, and commies, and apatheical, ambivelant “american dads, peter griffins, and homer simpsons cost 90%devaluation. can you imagine it is chaeper to take a family of 4 fly to america do clothes shopping for a year than to buy the same products in Poland. we call it the commie pink sale. everything in america 90-99% off retail, and it really shows. and the populace in america still tout being number 1. such simple minds.

  • http://www.facebook.com/benjamin.fox.98892 Benjamin Fox

    The U.S not mentioned in the Bible and believe their is a reason for that and all coming soon to those who are blind and can’t see and being lead by the blind and both fall in a ditch.

    • hijinx60

      Though some claim it, I’ve studied, attended a Bible School, and a Bible College and yet there is no reference that I can find of America. I believe it is for one of three reasons: 1) America no longer exists 2) America has been taken over by another country…China? 3) America is so insignificant that it isn’t worth mentioning.

      • anarchyst

        America IS the new Israel. Look at the influence that those of jewish persuasion have on our culture, media and foreign policy. Check out “who’s who” in the federal government and you will find a preponderance of dual-nationality Israelis, especially in our State Department.
        You will find that most Israeli-Americans “anglicize” their names in order to “fit in” (and to possibly conceal their allegiance to Israel).

        It’s hard to argue with the numbers (of jews) that are “running the show” here in the USA.
        Not anti-semitic, merely pointing out our present situation.
        Check it out for yourselves . . .

    • boone1

      You are wrong my friend the U.S. is mentioned in the Bible.

  • http://twitter.com/Jstarusa James Star

    As long as this administration continues its ignorance of foreign policy, we had better be on guard from not only attacks from within but of outside ones too. Seems they are keeping Wall Street happy while waring with the citizens. These so called balances and checks we are suppose to have are either not working or not being enforced.

  • Patriot-Report

    This has all been planned…it’s all part of their Communist Agenda to destroy America!

  • MontieR

    NO we are not we are moving directly into a world ruled by INSANITY.

  • verbracity

    Been preaching this for years.
    How can the world gang up on Israel if we are still the one and only big dog?
    We have to be reduced till we are not feared before the scum will fulfill prophesy.
    The age of the gentiles is over. We were GOD’s chief tool during it./
    The church has turned away from the truth and embraced sin, perversion and fear of man.

  • Watchdogman

    Could it be that China is gaining ground is due to Clinton giving our secrets away…But what would you expect from a impeached president…Between Clinton and Obama the US is going to go down the drain…Lets take these two traitors with us?

  • joshuasweet

    ” Defense Secretary Robert Gates recently admitted China is modernizing its military at an alarming pace” could it be because Obama has allowed them access to our systems even giving them classified information to assist in their advances ?

    • rick0857

      Clinton certainly did…so, being they are both automatons, cut from the same pattern, programmed identically, and both having the same immoral, unethical, illogical, America hating thought processes, why would think otherwise?

  • william

    The current government and administration will sit on its hands in ignorance hoping for the best but knowing it will get worse. I believe the Obama administration is deliberately devaluing the US dollar, thus destabilizing our economy to create a catastrophic crisis that will be totally to his advantage in seeking dictatorial powers.

  • Christian Dystopian

    We have Already evolved into a world where the US Military is Policeman of the World. Unfortunately the US no longer decides domestic or foreign policy. The Government is the Multi National (Foreign Owned) Mega Corporations both Parties take their marching orders from. In a rush to escape wage slavery he poor or to escape “Socialism” the debt oppressed middle are being herded into the very cage they think they are fleeing. Soon the goal will be achieved. No middle with financial independence. Just a muddled lower class fighting among themselves ruled by a Rich Oligarchy with Media assuring them it’s the fault of everyone but the Oligarchy that owns everything. The Air, the Water, The Land, The Food, the Money Supply, the Debt Public & Private & of course the Government. Repudiate the Debt owed the Federal Reserve. Return our Army from abroad. Dramatically Reduce the size & scope of the Military. Dismantle the Prison Industrial Complex. Cast off the Slavery of the Foreign Banks. Through out All Current Office Holders. Return to Constitutional Government. Most of all Stop Fighting Among Ourselves & Lass out at the Real Enemy, The Global Debt Industry & The Corporate Oligarchy. Or be Slaves. Sadly Slavery through willful ignorance will be the choice of most.

  • gdoggerz

    I wonder how many fools still think BO is trying to help this country?! Guess what BO voter base when the economy collapses you will no longer get a welfare check, your free cell phones will stop working and the food stamps will cease to be printed. Thanks for voting!

  • Richard lionheart

    As to the question of a post American world, all you need to do is go to snoopes to search for Obama reading a post American world and you will see the photo of him going to his transportation carrying a book written by a muslin author titled ” a post American World ” I believe he may have contributed to it, because he is certainly having his role in a self full filling prophecy
    As for energy he has also done his best to kill any progress in the field of nuclear power. He appointed two anti-nukes to Chair the NRC with the intention to kill the funding to Yucca Mountain spent fuel repository, and to use federal agencies to cripple new start nuclear power companies with unfounded charges while they try to bury them in legal cost and kill funding at the same time.

    At least China was successful in their trips to Idaho National Laboratory to gain info on building their nuclear power program. Then they bought a Westinghouse unit and reverse engineered it. The Chinese have already predicted a shortage of fuel with their massive program.

    Senator Lamar Alexander while still in his days of obvious higher testerone, gave a speach titled ” what the USA should fear from nuclear power ” it was a great speach that should have been titled ” what the USA should fear about getting left behind in the nuclear power era “.

    Obama seems to be doing everything in his power to make this country pay for all the years it had succeeded because of our love of GOD and price of freedom paid by the founders.

    The absolute worst part of that is he and his cronies were able to accomplish this while all the supposed conservatives slept.

  • joshuasweet

    The real question is why Is Obama making it happen? Why has he pushed so hard to make the USA a less than Third world nation? Why has he spent so much effort degrading our nation as he has?

    What kind of place is this when the Russians tell the truth about Syria and Obama attempts to make the USA assault the Syrian nation on the lies he has told to make the Muslim Brotherhood more powerful?

  • a marine .


  • Watchdogman

    Wonder what BO (stinky) will do once he causes the collapse of the economy? There goes his retirement funds, just like everyone elses!

  • Teresa Rincon

    You don’t polish brass on a sinking ship. Focus on getting people saved, not on societal reform.

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