Armed Black Man in Hoodie Gets Pulled Over by Police, And Then…

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 10.41.07 AMThis is one news story you won’t hear in the liberal media.

If this headline was being reported in the liberal media, you could guess the rest of the story. The cop pulled over the man for really no reason – except he was black – discovers the man is armed, there’s a scuffle, and the black man ends up dead. Then, as the news emerges, there are riots in the city where it occurred, spreading across the nation, Al Sharpton shows up, the president makes a statement and elements of the Black Lives Matter crowd tweet warnings about ambushing police.

Except…That’s not what happened. Nothing happened.

Former veteran and author Steven Hildreth Jr. was on his way to work Oct. 27th when he was spotted driving with a headlight out by a Tucson police officer. The officer proceeded to conduct a traffic stop on Mr. Hildreth, who by his own admission was packing and wearing a hoodie. Against all odds-absolutely nothing happened next. The police officer did his job in a professional manner and Mr. Hildreth cooperated with the police — both men left the traffic stop with mutual respect! So much so, that Mr. Hildreth posted about his experience, declining to whine about being “picked on” because he is black (at this point I must interject that it is almost impossible for police officers working traffic to know the race of the driver in the passing vehicle unless they ride alongside the vehicle during daylight hours and there are no tinted windows). In fact, he went even farther than just not complaining, he gave an atta-boy to the police.

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In my opinion, an atta-boy is due to Mr. Hildreth as well! This is a textbook perfect example of what should (and normally does) happen between civilians and police during traffic stops.

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