Armed Citizen Who Saved Cop Had Gun TAKEN AWAY, Then Was Given This…

screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-5-45-55-pmAfter saving a cop’s life during a violent attack, this armed citizen had his gun taken into evidence. The process could take months, years… and could also leave him without a gun. One gun store owner heard the story and did something pretty amazing. Check this out.

By law, the concealed carry owner lost his weapon to the investigation, and since it will be stored as evidence, it’s unlikely that he’ll ever get it back, at least not anytime soon. He was now defenseless after saving an officer’s life unless he pays to replace the pricey weapon out of his own pocket. However, one gun store had a better idea in mind.

To show appreciation for his bravery and the unwavering respect this man showed for police, who have people’s backs every day, Shoot Straight gun store owner Mark Williams in Fort Meyers had a special offer. He called Bardes’ police department three days after the incident and made arrangements for the civilian hero to come to his store and pick out any concealed carry gun he wanted.

The brave civilian ended up making a great choice, selecting a Springfield XDS, and he is now armed and safe again, thanks to the generosity of Shoot Straight. It’s awesome to see Americans honor police and heroes who have their backs after so much disrespect has been shown toward law enforcement officers from our current president who supports the lawlessness of Black Lives Matter. Thugs are in for a big surprise from President-elect Donald Trump, who isn’t going to make excuses for their criminal behavior and will ensure they get the punishment they deserve.

HEY HILLARY, THIS IS WHY WE HAVE THE 2A: Conceal Carrier Saves Cop Being Brutally Beaten During Traffic Stop

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