ARMED IN APRIL: Citizens Defending Lives This Month Alone, More than Obama Wants to Admit

gun in purseBy Rob Morse

Here a few of the many stories of armed self-defense in April.  Ordinary civilians stopped criminals and saved lives again.  Some stopped mass murder!

That is right; people like you saved lives until the police arrived.  Thank you!

An elderly couple was watching TV during the evening.  This Washington State couple also watched a young man walk onto their back porch, and kick his way into their home.  From there, the intruder walked into the couple’s bathroom and began looking for medication.  The intruder then hit the elderly male homeowner and stabbed him in the abdomen.  His 81year old wife heard the attack, grabbed her gun, and shot the intruder.  That ended the attack on her husband.  Her elderly husband is still in the hospital, though in stable condition.  Police report that their attacker was a convicted felon looking for drugs.

A woman woke to hear people banging on the front and back doors of her house.  Before she got up, she heard two men who had entered her house.  The woman retrieved her handgun and confronted the two young men.  They ran.  The homeowner reported the break-in to police and the two men were arrested a short while later.  Some people would say this wasn’t an example of self-defense since the homeowner didn’t fire her gun.  Why do you think the two men ran away?

A woman living in an upscale neighborhood in Erie, Pennsylvania didn’t expect trouble.  That is when a 25 year old man broke through her back door and beat the homeowner unconscious.  The attacker then dragged his kidnapped former girlfriend into the home and assaulted her.  The attacker then beat the male resident as he arrived home.  Two neighbors heard his screams.  Fortunately, one of the neighbors was armed.  The armed neighbor chased the attacker from the home.  All of the attacker’s victims required hospitalization for their injuries.  Police arrested the attacker a short distance away.

An 80 year old man stopped a three person crime spree.  Fortunately, the old man was armed, but what would you expect since this happened in West Virginia.  A young woman knocked on the old man’s door and said it was an emergency and she needed to use his phone.  Her two accomplices pushed into the home after the old man opened the door.  The two masked and armed thugs held the old man at gunpoint.  The armed homeowner shot both intruders.  The criminals ran from the home.  One of the attackers collapsed and died nearby.  The second thug was shot in the leg.  He was arrested by police and taken to a local hospital for treatment.  The female accomplice was also arrested.  The same criminals had attacked another man earlier in the day.

Honest armed citizens defend themselves and their families thousands of times a day.  Were these firearms owners lucky, or were they prepared?  You can listen to my weekly report at Self-Defense Gun Stories.


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