Audacious Adolescent: Little Boy Argues With Mother For a Cupcake ‘Listen, Listen, Listen, Linda!’

Three year old argues with mom for cupcakes.  He won’t let her get a few words in without saying “listen, listen, Lynda.”

  • Evan


  • Eggpeg

    And you’re proud of this??? No wonder we have children suing their parents for support after they move out. You’re a parent not an equal and are supposed to teach your children respect for authority, in this case -yours!
    We now have a “leader” that thinks he can negotiate with everyone, and just look how that’s working out for us. You can’t just keep moving the line and think you’ll keep or get respect.

  • Denver Kitty

    Smack his ass and put him to bed.

  • skillet56

    Future inmate.

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