AUSTRIAN ACTIVISTS: Performed Mock Beheadings for a Reason U.S. MSM Wouldn’t Like [WATCH]

For the sake of Austria, all of Europe and the United States, I hope gov. officials see and hear these activists’ message loud and clear.

Thank goodness for these people. Any European who thinks favorably about the current Muslim “migration crisis” and supports the “refugees” is literally  preparing for their own execution once Islam takes over. That was the point this video, made by the Identitarian Movement in Vienna, was trying to get across. Via Liveleak:

“No one knows how many sleeper (terrorists) came through our borders. We don’t know it because no one checked who came in. The people who now shout “welcome refugees” also invited terrorists. They talk bout diversity but what we see is foreign infiltration and islamization. We are the force who defends Austrian values and traditions.We will continue until our homeland is safe.”

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