SO AWKWARD IT’S ADORABLE: 20 Dogs Losing the Battle With Hooman Furniture

Pups and furniture: A match made in doggy heaven.  Unfortunately, not all dogs have mastered the art of sitting on hooman furniture.  Below are prime examples of, despite their best efforts, pups just being hilariously awkward on furniture.

1. “Sooo, this isn’t right, is it?”

Couch dog funny animals pictures humor

2. “Erf juff eergin urn yrded.”

Puppy eating toes

3. “You hoomans should really consider cleaning in here.”

1 dog-in-couch-article

4. “Hey, don’t knock it until you try it.”


5. “Somewhere out there is a land just for me, full of fire hydrants and tennis balls.”

dog looking out window

6. “I’d change the channel but I can’t find the remote…and I’m not getting up.”



7. “What started out as a relaxing day hasn’t gone as planned.”


8. “I think we need a bigger couch.”


9. “Listen, Sunday is my day to chill and watch football.  Don’t mess with my groove.”



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