• Abby

    He can’t even fake being into what he’s supposed to say. What a sham of an American.

    • azrt1

      He is not an American. He IS an Anti- American.

      • Hans

        No, he is a KENYAN !!!!!!

        • Drik

          Last I heard, the Kenyans are starting to deny him.

          • RAYAKE

            wouldent you ???

        • Richard Cancemi

          Being Kenyan doesn’t obviate his being anti and un American. He is a composite of lies and the truth of him is still to be more understood.
          His supporters are irrational, unthinking. non-inquisitive, emotional reactors of whom he takes full advantage to the detriment of our Great Country.

        • AttMore

          NO,he is the devil’s child!!!

      • granny

        Illegal muslim . Liar in Chief. Uneducated muslim oval office sitter.

    • bob_seifert

      He still got it wrong .. we are not a democracy .. :-(

      • bdaniel230

        That’s what the Dems want. They would be happy ending the electoral college and the House of Representatives, though it has saved them many times from extinction. No as soon as the Democrats can end the Electoral College then they can focus on the ending of the Representative Republic. At that point it becomes a small step to the kind of democracy they have in Venezuela and Kenya.

        • MidnightDStroyer

          “That’s what the Dems want.”

          It’s what they want because it’s what they WANT America to fail, just as every Democracy has in history. The Founding Fathers were highly educated & widely read men, knowing what history teaches us & they knew what kinds of governments fail…Indeed, it was another example of failed government that they fought to free themselves from.

          They viewed Democracy as being the same as Mob Rule, because 51% of the public could vote away the Natural Rights of the 49%…Only to discover too late that they’ve only voted away their own Rights too. They hated Democracy as much as Cold War Era Americans hated Communism.

          Another failing of Democracy is that it only take s one person with charisma (with suitable PR support) to sway the public mind in whatever direction he wants…Witness what Hitler did with Germany, for an example.

          This is why they wrote the Constitution to DENY government any power to just simply “follow the Peoples’ Will.” They set forth in that document LIMITS on how far the People should be obeyed. They gave us a Constitutional Republic for a whole host of damn good reasons, too many to cite here.

          • bdaniel230

            Read Thomas Sowell’s book “Intellectuals and Society”. He gives a bit of insight on some of what you describe.

      • cimiron

        we are a republic

        • bob_seifert

          That was the plan …

          The deliberations of the Constitutional Convention of 1787
          were held in strict secrecy. Consequently, anxious citizens gathered
          outside Independence Hall when the proceedings ended in order to learn
          what had been produced behind closed doors. The answer was provided
          immediately. A Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin,
          “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no
          hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep

          • cimiron

            I know it is a sad time for America if people don’t educate themselves, our only hope is in 2014 we have a good chance of getting the senate, States to watch would be Arkansas, South Dekota, West Virginia, Alaska, Montana, North Carolina, Iowa, and Louisiana, hopefully we will get at least 6 out of the 8

          • bob_seifert

            If we are going to take the senate we better get people stirred up. I just hope we can keep the congress!

          • cimiron

            yes I hope so too, and I do educate as many as possible, My own brothers are democrats, and like this man and think he is wonderful, and I really can’t understand that as my family all are republicans, and they went to private schools, however my father married a democrat after my mother died and I can only think that is where they became democrats

          • granny

            Does that mean they are not thinking for themselves? The DEM that married your father….. is she muslim, liberal, or an uneducated looking for someone to lead by the nose.

          • bdaniel230

            We need to communicate to those we can respect and among ourselves to find those people who can run effectively. I love Allen West, he has a few warts but he is one of the more honorable people I have seen in the past few years. Rand Paul doesn’t seem to have a grasp of many national issues but judges them locally, immigration for one. Marco Rubio is a RINO unfortunately. We need to spread the word and make certain that the moderates know we won’t vote for them. Boehner is a prime example of a politician that should be returned to the private sector.

          • bob_seifert

            Not sure I agree with your assessment of Rand. He does tackle national issues, and the way that he looks at them is from a ‘personal’ perspective. That may be a good thing considering that we are a republic. (individual rights and all being paramount) So the way in his presentation may be what is concerning to you. But lets skip that.

            I too am a fan of Alan West. He could have done a bit more on an issue or two, but decided not to because of his ‘political future’ that disturbed me. I guess everyone has to weigh things. But on the whole I think he has morals and that is what we need now. Ted Cruz is promising as well.

            Boehner well, can’t say I disagree with your assessment there either. We have a lot of them that need to get out of politics. They have been entrenched too long. Bought and paid for, more interested in playing the game, tit for tat, and horse trading or just covering their butts.Career politicians.

            Term Limits would be a good start. Enacting them will never happen. We are the only ones who can do that through the ballots though.

            Tea parties shook up the landscape for as much as the media decried their impotency. Obama is now calling them domestic terrorists and even went so far as to have them listed as political enemies and had the IRS go after them. To me that shows that they are a force to be reckoned with.

            When you have someone like Joe Biden go to the microphones and tell the media that Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are dangerous because they are freshmen Senators and they are running the Senate, intimidating senior senators. Then I think that these are two men that are worth putting on a ticket together. They may have different ways of putting things, but at least we know three things.

            They love our country and they appear to be honorable. The people who don’t and aren’t fear them. Right now that is enough for me.

      • videriquamesse

        I believe a lot of people across our fruited plain would be delighted if we had a direct democracy, which could best be described as mob rule. After all, if the majority of voters in a state voted to re-institute slavery, they should be able to do so, right? It’s the will of the majority.

    • RAYAKE

      IT;;;;is NOT AMERICAN !!!

    • Richard Cancemi

      Yesssssss !!!

  • ron44

    Just maybe the Good Lord is trying to teach this bone head a little humility.

    • Drik

      I expect he is teaching US that.

    • cimiron

      Actually I would be surprised if the good Lord could teach him anything, he seems to think he is better then the Lord or God

  • bdcorvette

    Obama could care less about this country. He showed it on 6 June when he sent no delegation to Normandy. The French, Germans, Belgians, and others were there. A German had to sing the Star Spangled Banner. What a punk!

    • PatrioTom

      He’s an absolute POS phony POTUS!! Impeach the SOB!!!

    • NukeWaste

      That gives me more respect for Germany.

    • Robt Hauser

      Germany is the last nation on earth to owe America any favors.

  • John Beam

    This man is as “eloquent” as a drunkard in Dooley’s bar & grill. The word that comes to mind when I hear this miscreant speak of patriotism is “pathetic.”

  • edro3111

    What a shameful person to be the “leader” of our country. Also, why do all politicians have to have “props” standing behind them when they give news conferences and speeches? They look like robots.

  • raccman

    A pathetic hypocrite and Fraud !

  • Hawkeye3939

    You’d think the POTUS could give a formal speech on the nation’s birthday without dropping the g’s on the ends of words. Doin’, goin’, etc. The myth is this dolt is a superlative speechmaker, but that’s only when he has a teleprompter. Hell, even Bush could make a better extemporaneous speech after some pretty shaky months in office.

    • cimiron

      he does that on purpose, to make people think he is down home guy

      • granny

        He should not have picked Kenya for the place of his birth. I know, I know…..mama did….the evil s*u*.

  • char51

    what does he think theameican people wont do what they did in 1776. i can only hope that the people will be as brave as they where back then. impeach him and maybe we wont. get biden as well

    • danstewart

      Don’t impeach, arrest him. Illegal birth cert, stolen ss#, these are both felonies, enough to put him in prison for quite a few years. All we need is someone with enough integrity to enforce it.

      • cimiron

        afraid as much as all of us patriots want it, it will not happen, until we start electing people that work for the American people and not self servent

  • patriot4life

    Obama is Nothing but a Nauseating POS !!! …Fraud !!!.

  • nondem

    Where was birth control when it was needed?

    • cimiron

      his mother was a ho so I don’t think he knows who is real father is, or was

  • raccman

    He ranks as the greatest insult to the United States in History !

    • LEL

      The real shame is that a majority of Americans elected him, and at least 40% still think he’s great.

      • MidnightDStroyer

        Let’s not forget all of those Voter Fraud charges still being thrown around, particularly those that made ACORN change its name & decentralize among the States…While still doing exactly what they’ve been doing since 2008.

        The Apocolypse is indeed at hand; The dead have already been rising from their graves & they mostly voted Democrat!

      • cimiron

        they do because they don’t keep up with the issues and are uninformed or just plain stupid

  • James Maxwell

    It gagged him to praise America and how we won our freedom and maintained it over
    the years. He hates our nation and all that we stand for and the fact that his Islamic
    radical buddies cannot invade and dominate our nation. But not to fear he is working
    with the Z’s to invade our nation from the Southern borders. After all they will all be
    good little dumb-0-rats out to destroy our nation.

  • http://www.facebook.com/george.reagan.56 George Reagan

    The loser-in-chief is losing what small, if any, edge he ever had. His loser minions/zombies realize the “wheels are coming off” and are in damage control mode. Now if only the loser ‘free stuff’ sheeple would wake up and smell the BS, the US of A just might have a chance of surviving the commies take over. Is it 1776 … again.


    What would you expect from a man who was raised in Indonesia? I bet that he knows Indonesian History better than US History.

  • PatrioTom

    Son of Saul needs to heed the reasoning behind the American revolution as well as the military takeover and removal of one of his muslim brotherhood pals in Egypt!!

  • 32eagle

    and now 237 years later we have a traitor that would not have survived 5 minutes in 1776-a fool that is a mutation-he is the scourge of society and poster child of the “N” word-the laughing stock of this world-if only our forefathers could write a speech about him-imagine the sharp words that would be directed to turncoat obama from orators that would make muslim wonder seem like a deadbeat criminal worthy of immediate hanging or firing squad

  • mydogpopo

    Please………go away

  • spidermike

    Obama doesn’t believe a single word of what he read. As a mater of fact he didn’t even see those words until they were shoved under his eyes. Had Michelle not applauded there would not have been applause. I would say he is a total void if he were not so destructive to our country, not his country. He is stateless, he is but a resident of this country. American citizenship is a state of mind and spirit, not a legality. I had a friend killed in Vietnam in 1968 who was from England. Though serving in the US Army, my buddy was not yet an “American citizen” but when he died, he was more an American than the Mecca bowing Barack Hussein Obama (P–s be upon him) will ever be.

  • mitch

    Go back and watch her – the expressions and behaviors tell a very different story. He had to read what every person who loves this country already knows! Why oh why did we allow such to take up residence in the People’s House??

    • silvernotes

      Twice! Fool me once……..

  • Fred_K

    The usurpersident can not stomach the real intent of the forefathers. He stumbles because he can not truthfully read the statement. He knows he is lying in reference to his own beliefs. When one forces himself to say the things not of their heart, it will never flow smoothly. IMPEACH the fool. I am amazed that he did not choke on the words he said.

  • HindaRifka

    Why does Michelle always look like she just got a whiff of a dirty diaper?

    • ericab

      because she is smelling the BS coming off her husband!

    • Yvette Shepherd

      She’s smelling the crap he’s putting out!!

    • cimiron

      she never saw a dirt diaper, don’t you know she had slave labor and nannies

    • granny

      Why does she always look like a gorilla in a human suit.

    • catnip24

      because she’s standing by a piece of crap.

    • Bob Spittler

      She has to live with herself 24/7…that’s more than enough reason

  • Marlin208

    Want to know how they really feel, just look at Michelle’s face through the whole speech.
    She is a piece of work and he is a pos.

    • cimiron

      I can almost believe in evolution of humans evolving from monkeys when I look at her

  • Bear

    hes the biggest joke ever and we need him out

  • DonHo

    “pathetic.” That’s just a small part of Mr Fake in Chief

  • http://saddlebum1.wordpress.com/ Timothy W. Lucas

    How could anyone proclaim patriotism while diminishing God and Country.

    • DonHo

      That’s a very good question !!

  • Manuel Fernandez

    You can see what Barack and Michelle are really thinking by looking at Michelle’s face though the reharsed and poorly delivered “speech”. All I saw was disdain, sarcasm, and contempt. What hese two don’t understand is that the “sppech” they are delivering could very well be a prediction of their future rather than a recollection of the past. Also, that Barack is nothing without a teleprompter. Who hid those dawng teleprompters?

  • quarkie009

    Obama and the entire democRAT party hates America and the freedoms that have been handed down to us by our forefathers and it shows by his actions by destroying
    America as fast as he can.

  • Martha

    Too bad his mama wasn’t as pro-abortion as he is.

  • conservative

    Patriotic words don’t belong in his mouth anyway.

  • Doc

    Demand Congress impeach and remove this unAmerican faker. Muslim, Muslim Brotherhood, hater, divider as well as communist, socialist and Marxist. Everything but patriotic American. Stand up and help America. Get off the couch, just for once, and get involved. The country is dying and if you do nothing you will be responsible for putting out the last flame of liberty.

  • afimedia

    It seemed almost painful for Obama to talk about freedom…especially when all he really wants to do is take over as America’s first dictator.

  • Deborah G

    because it is so alien to him the ideal of freedom and patriotic

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Poor fellow! Without a bank of teleprompters to tell he what to say; Obama is always lost.

  • Red55bird

    Repeat after me Republic we our a Republic Nation got it Mr. President and he suppose to be an expert in American History, oh that’s right they didn’t learn that in Kenya or Indonesia.

  • gatorbait88

    Is it ‘OSCAR’ time?..Seriously folks,I hope you are proud of your leader you let stay in the ”house”…Now reap your rewards….What a sham…..

  • $29077531

    Can’t and will never believe this liar..

  • DenverKitty

    Schmuck…that’s the word my Mother applied to people like ObamaTheButcherOfBenghazi.

  • old_salty_dawg99

    Naturally he stumbled through a speech that honors America and Americans He HATES both fervently. He would not know a patriot if one ripped is Testicles off and shoved them down his throat assuming you could find those shrunken microscopic things. Obama HATES America and should never have been Elected to even the position of Sewer Licker if such position existed. Obama and his entire party needs removed for office and America and take those Republicans who supported any thing that ARROGANT EGOTISTICAL LIE SPEWING MORON who thinks(Wrong word but only one that comes close to what it is he does)he is better than GOD. Obama HATES America and should be given the boot but he picked Biden to stop that from happening.

    • cimiron

      I don’t care what they say about Biden he is a classic fool

  • a_browning

    He is choking on the words, spitting them out.


    I recieved a E mail just the other day of a recorded mic lapse by this boob, just after he gave this ridiculous insincere trite speech on the 4th, ridiculing the fact it was a pain in the butt for him to pay tribute to this day because he didn’t like it. It’s just reinforced the insincerity and the lies this man can tell all day long….This freak is no POTUS, he is a sham and he is committing treason as I post this and will again tomorrow….Get this SOB out of our Oval Office and put him and his tribe in a cell…

  • IllinoisHostage

    The pitiful thing is the 46% of voters who still believe this a$$whole is the One.

    • cimiron

      actually I don’t believe that number, probably cause the dems voted over and over like they did in the poles

  • molon labe

    The face of evil!

  • AppraisHer

    The empty suit, making an empty speech.
    Reading a script that someone else wrote. Even the teleprompter is sick of him.

  • Tony

    I wonder if obama believes in deja vu? The country is arriving at a boiling point and I can see a second revolution by brave patriots. obama should understand based on what he said. We don’t deal with kings or prince’s. Just a wannabe tyrant that is held back slightly by a republican house that he desperately wants to gain control of.

  • Si Vis Pacem ParaBellum

    He is not an American. Not sure what he is, but its definitely not American. If he was, there wouldn’t be all these accusations of lying, deceit and deception. Not only that, he hasn’t provided any documentation that proves he is even eligible to be President. With his socialistic cronies and Pelosi, Feinstein, Bloomberg, Lerner and the rest, they are doing everything they can to destroy our country. Get off your asses and on your feet and stand up for yourselves, your families, and your country. People, if we don’t demand from our representatives that they, on our behalf, call for his impeachment, then the only thing I can do is pray for you all. Because as for me and mine, WE WILL DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AGAINST ALL ENEMIES, FORIEGN OR DOMESTIC! I hope that each one of you takes a long hard look at yourselves and decide which side you want to be on. Either your for the freedoms that our forefathers wrote into the Constitution or your for communism, like Obummer. Decide people.

  • sovereigntyofone

    I didn’t watch him, if his ” patriotic ” speech was as good as his fake tears over NewTown, CT children, then I didn’t miss much.

  • pointdan

    C’mon folks be fair – that wasn’t bad for a Kenyan Muslim Marxist.
    He is trying . . . .

  • Phil Bronner

    Both he and his husband are duds…..He needs to be impeached and tried, convicted and imprisoned asap!

  • catnip24

    obama never grew up in america and he was raised as a muslim, a communist and anti america. we americans grew up with patriotism and love for america, unlike obama. the obamas have no understanding of patriotism and love for america.
    the anguish and pain reflected on their faces show their utter contempt for america. these obamas are absolutely pathetic.

  • calmandcents

    It is sad that so many of these people have hearts filled not with any love and respect for life, but with hatred and disdain. One can only imagine the twisted and perverse events that led to their mental issues. It’s clearly a form of Borderline Personality Disorder (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borderline_personality_disorder).

  • Paladin

    Yes, they fought a revolution against a tyrannical government and tyrannical leader.

    He stumbled in this because he did not have his telepromters.

  • jarhead

    this asswipe is as about as patriotic as benedick arnold……do us a favor just go some where and die…..

  • Dominic De Falco

    LMFAO! What a POS!

  • Richard Cancemi

    He reads a prepared but his actions, in life, prove that what he was taught and has believed is the opposite of the concepts of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Everything that this man says a lie.
    “By their deeds shall ye know them”.
    Great advice from a great Book.

  • paulrph1

    In order to do justice to a speech you first have to believe it. Since there is no patriotism not even in his little finger that is why he stymied.

  • Robby777

    He wants a one world gov’t. He doesn’t believe in American Exceptionalism – doesn’t even know what that really means.

  • http://yahoo.com/ DustyFae

    Why do he always have the same stone faces standing behind him?

    • catnip24

      maybe they’re paid to be there and they can’t stand obama’s stench either. since obama is so full of crap he’s beginning to smell like crap.

  • pipcrusher

    the clown hates america

  • barb patton

    Maybe it was written in CURSIVE!!! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.. please excuse my mirth ROFLMFAO ROFLMFAO… I am sooooo funny

  • lokiswife

    I’ve seen better, more heart-felt speeches at high school graduation ceremonies. His bored, half-hearted speech said more about his lack of patriotism than what his words said. Michelle’s scripted clapping didn’t add anything to it – she obviously only loves her country when they are providing first class vacations, not when she has to go to another speech.

  • Arationofreason

    How can he deliver those great words without choking on them?

  • Spartacus76

    He is, what he told everyone that he is, in his first two biographies… A MARXIST!

  • slickzip

    ODUMBA hates AMERICA ,,,, we have brains KNOW IT !!!!!!!!!

  • Yoikes

    He just does the minimum to keep from being drawn and quartered by a righteously angry nation.

  • wildeagleone

    He and his wife have both turned their backs on America many many years ago


    michael was stoned

  • richcarro

    Now we have a President that wants to take it all away. Obama, go hide your head.

  • Robert Spittler

    I had to watch and listen to five solid minutes of someone dragging their fingernails across a blackboard just as an antidote

  • sgtshel

    Couldn’t you see the ‘love’ this manchild has for America??? He spoke right from his heart!! Ya right!! sic..sic! Michelle looks like she was disgusted with everything because she was wasting her vacation time!

  • higgy01

    The messiah can’t speak, period, but, he is usually a good reader. Of course it is difficult to even read what you don’t believe.

  • Karen Morlan Costello

    My mother always said, if I didn’t have anything nice to say, than don’t say a thing. Well I have tried but I will say this, our country is doomed under his presidency. He must be impeached for treason and violating our Constitution, in which he took an oath to uphold…Well we ALL know he’s a liar, storyteller, and a racist, I just don’t understand why or how the government has not outed him out themselves??? We the people MUST take back this country, even if it means war!!! Because we are and will continue to be the slaves of this great nation, so that the elite & our own government can continue to spend us into debt, so that they may live high & mighty on the taxpayers back. A debt so huge, that no one will ever be able to pay back!

  • DanBritt

    That sounded like a 7 graders book report on the American Revolution !

  • John Hand

    Some presidents go out with a speech they are remembered by. This guy will never be remembered for a great speech.

  • Marilyn Z

    I feel sick every time he opens his mouth…heaven help us.

  • Chris

    I bet he was so mad after having to say all that patriotic stuff that he hates and doesn’t believe in that he went off into another room and started cursing and kicking the wall. What a sorry POS.

  • fcsuszka

    Barf. Sigh What a poor excuse for an American.

  • DigitheadRex

    It is said that a politician succeeds when he can fake sincerity. Fail!

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