BATTLE OF THE BATHROOM: Transgender Directive Must NOT Stand, Here is What You Should Do

If you want to see your kids be able to go to the bathroom safely, without the possibility of some creep coming in and choking your little girl, listen up.

Ya know, when you’re at an event in Texas, you just get that overwhelming sense of folks who capture the American spirit — as it says, “Don’t Mess with Texas.”

And this is a lesson President Obama and his social engineering progressive socialists are about to get a hard lesson on — ask General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.

As reported by Fox News:
The Obama administration’s directive Friday that every public school provide transgender access — or face the loss of federal funds — drew swift and strong condemnation from conservatives, with one public official blasting it as presidential “blackmail.” 

The administration’s directive — citing Title IX in telling schools to give transgender students access to all activities and facilities consistent with their gender identity — effectively touched off a national debate that could well extend into the next president’s term and reverberate through the courts. 

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, speaking to reporters Friday, said his state “will not yield to blackmail from the president of the United States.” 

“This goes against the values of so many people,” he added. “This has everything to do with keeping the federal government out of local issues.” 

White House spokesman Josh Earnest later defended the letter as “guidance” that was requested by schools across the country and said it “does not add any additional requirements under the law.” 

He also pushed back on Patrick’s comments that the letter was “blackmail.”

First of all, how can you tell when White House spokesman Josh “Not So” Earnest is lying? Yep, whether awake or not, if his lips are moving and sounds are emanating from his mouth.

Let me see, how does one define “blackmail”? It’s a coercive action, threat, of a certain punitive action if one does not acquiesce or comply with a mandate, or demand. So, let’s look at this, President Obama has issued a mandate, an executive directive to all public schools in the United States. And non-compliance will result in the loss of federal government funding — hmm, mandate, demand, coercive action with punitive consequences if not accommodated…yep, I call that blackmail. Actually, why hasn’t the liberal progressive PC police complained and called that term “racist” — why not “whitemail”?

But seriously, one would think there are many other pressing issues consuming the Obama administration, such as losing the recent lawsuit over Obamacare. Or the fact that the Deputy National Security Advisor just admitted to lying to the media about the Iranian nuclear deal. Or how about this administration talk about improving the quality of education in America, because folks, we are failing — ask anyone —in educating our children. And it’s not about spending more money.

If anything, this decision by Barack Obama is indicative of what ails our education system in America; the focus is on indoctrination, not education. It’s not the business of the federal government to advance or promote some insidious ideology called “gender identity.” It’s not the place of these doggone progressive socialists to confuse our children and counter the lessons their parents are trying to inculcate. It’s not the role of government to teach values; that’s our responsibility as parents and, if anything, it can extend to the church.

Here we have a new religion being created, right along with “climate change,” and it’s the dangerous ideal that progressive socialists can play God — the expansion of secular humanism.

This edict from Obama makes the declaration to our children that God, you know, the Creator from whom we are endowed with unalienable rights, got it all wrong. God didn’t know what He was doing when He created you — you have that power to remake, “identify” yourself as whatever you want.

Obama’s unconscionable mandate is further evidence that we need less federal government influence in education, or whatever they call it. Education is a state and local issue and we need not this insidious usurpation by these deranged statists.

Ladies and Gents, this is why we need education choice programs in America — school choice, school vouchers, charter schools and home schooling. This is why we need to rid ourselves of progressive socialists so that we can introduce policies like Education Savings Accounts. No parent should feel so helpless that they must be forced to bow down before these modern day Baals who are using their abjectly misguided ideological advocacy to take our children hostage.

Bravo to Lieutenant Governor of Texas, Dan Patrick; we all need to make a stand and meltdown the email and phone lines of the White House. Bravo to North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory and their State legislature who were prescient in seeing this advance. Anyone that stands with this onerous and dictatorial command from Emperor Barack Hussein Obama does not embody of spirit of liberty and freedom that defines America.

This MUST not be allowed to stand — and the best recourse is to remove our children from the public school systems in America. If we could take on England 240 years ago, we can certainly send a message to the new Redcoats and shun their tyranny.

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