BENGHAZI COMMITTEE: Majority of Americans Believe Investigation is Justified and Hillary is a Liar

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 9.52.14 AMWhoever believes Hillary at this point must live under a rock.

A majority of Americans believe the House Benghazi Select Committee’s investigation of the attacks that killed four Americans under Hillary Clinton’s watch is justified while two-thirds of Americans continue to think Clinton is not trustworthy, according to a new AP-Gfk poll.

Clinton will testify on Thursday before the House Select Benghazi Committee, and the poll found that 52% of Americans think the Benghazi investigation is justified compared to 44% who believe that it is a “politically motivated attack on Clinton.” It also found that “two-thirds of Americans describe Clinton as only slightly or not at all honest, while a third say she is very or somewhat honest.”

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