This Benz may Cost a $1M, But it Can Take you Through Hell and High Waters in Style


If I had a million to blow, this would be my next purchase.

The new limousine based on Mercedes-Benz G63 stands out from the crowd due to its unique exterior upgrades as well as various VIP interior features making this car one of the best-equipped armored vehicles on the market today. The overall look and feel of this new upgraded model once again demonstrates INKAS® role as a pioneer in the field of luxury armored vehicles.

Among the attractive upgrades of the vehicle’s exterior is the matte black paint job, which makes the vehicle look more stylish. In comparison to the previous model, the new limousine has a window in the 43″ stretched part as well as customized lights and side blinkers. INKAS® employed electroluminescent bulletproof glass allowing passengers to have more comfort and privacy without compromising safety. The exterior of the vehicle is equipped with cameras providing perimeter surveillance.

INKAS® has also fitted the vehicle with an entirely new and customized interior as well as equipped it with luxurious features including, but not limited to the following:

– INKAS® utilized the most luxurious materials available on the market including exotic leather and curved wood. The company used the same materials as world leading luxury vehicle manufacturers such as Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Aston Martin. INKAS® well-trained and highly skilled personnel performed all interior finishing in-house at the company’s facility in Toronto, Canada.

– INKAS® electronics specialists integrated an innovative lighting system within the headliner. It consists of color LEDs capable of displaying different animations ranging from business mode to various romantic themes.

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