Berkeley Middle School Teacher Yvette Felarca Arrested For Assault, Rioting At ‘Anti-Fascist’ Protest

Watch out parents! Your child’s teacher is a violent ‘anti-fascist’ protester.

Yvette Felarca was arrested on Tuesday for playing a role in a violent fight during a rally on June 26, 2016.

She is a Berkeley middle school teacher and a member of the ‘anti-fascist’ group By Any Means Necessary, (BAMN)… and apparently they take that ‘by any means’ part serious.

CBS Sacramento reports that the encounter occurred between the Traditionalist Worker Party and Yvette’s BAMN organization at a rally in Sacramento.

The rally was being held by the Traditionalist Worker Party, who had taken out a permit to be on the west steps of the state capitol but was stopped when counter-protesters chased, physically assaulted, and even stabbed, members of the Traditionalist Worker Party.

Felarca is facing charges of assault by means of force likely to inflict great bodily injury, participating in a riot, and inciting a riot; according to the Sacramento County District Attorney’s office press release.

CBS found, during their report, that Felarca is less than happy being arrested. “To be bludgeoned and stabbed by a Nazi and then to be charged with a felony herself is completely ridiculous,” she said.

Unfortunately for Felarca, she was recorded on video repeatedly punching an alleged Traditionalist Worker Party member in the stomach before he was swamped by violent counter protesters.

Typical liberal, trying to frame themselves as the victim, when in reality they are the violent aggressors.

In an interview with CBS just after the clash, Felarca was far from apologetic…

“Yvette Felarca says she is proud of her group, By Any Means Necessary, and says the violence was worth it,” says the journalist in the video.

“In the end, they came out of this in worse shape than us. Not just physically, but politically, they lost. The Nazi’s did not recruit anyone new today, and our side did,” Felarca claimed while being interviewed.

Felarca also said, “the Nazis are dangerous and that’s why we need to take them on, directly. Take them on, head on. Confront them, but with as many people as possible prepared to shut them down and that is what this demonstration did today.”

This middle school Berkeley teacher is also responsible for the violent protests against MILO.

We all remember the scene: bricks being thrown, fires blazing, windows shattered and fireworks going off while the ‘anti-fascist’ group fought with police.

According to Felarca, this is exactly the kind of attitude and actions that are needed to beat “fascists.”

Felarca was interviewed by Tucker Carlson after the riot and she stood by the violence that took place as MILO is a fascist.


When Tucker the woman what a fascist was, she said: “A fascist is someone who is organizing a mass movement that’s attacking women, immigrants, black people, other minority groups, in a movement of genocide.”

“It’s someone who is committing violence and it’s someone who is trying to organize other people to commit violence. And Milo Yiannopoulos is a fascist,” she claims.

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