BERLIN CHRISTMAS ATTACK: Helping the European Nationalists’ Cause

The influx of migrants into European countries has caused a spike in crime and terror attacks. Globalists like Merkel might be on their way out. After recent attacks at a Berlin Christmas market, the Nationalists are gaining support.

By Stephen Fidler

It seemed not so much a question of if, but of when and where.

Security forces across Europe were on alert for a strike on a Christmas market and it came Monday night in Berlin in a truck attack that copied the technique used to deadly effect in Nice in July.

In November, the State Department alerted U.S. citizens to the risk of holiday attacks by Islamic State or al Qaeda throughout Europe, advising them to “exercise caution at holiday festivals, events and outdoor markets.”

Islamic extremists have had such symbols of Christian celebration in their sights since at least 2000, when French and German authorities averted a planned attack on the big Christmas market in Strasbourg, France.

The difference today is politics. If the assailant or assailants are proven to be Muslims, and particularly if they were among the recent wave of refugees to sweep into Europe following the conflict in Syria, the most obvious beneficiaries will be nationalist political movements across Europe.

Right-wing political forces were already on the rise, their success helped by Europe’s faltering recovery from the financial crisis and governments’ collective struggles to deal with an influx of refugees from war zones in the Middle East and beyond.

Now, another serious terrorist attack, adding to those in the past 13 months in France and Belgium, seems likely to further aid their causes. More than ever, these movements seem set to shape elections next year in three of the core countries of the European Union: the Netherlands, France and Germany itself.

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