BERLIN TERRORIST: Anis Amri Came to Europe Seeking Asylum During Arab Spring

This is why you process and check everyone who comes into your country. Terrorists like Amri are more common now than ever before. Get smart Europe, America. It’s time to show no mercy.

A YOUNG Anis Amri perches with fellow migrants after arriving on the island of Lampedusa, a shocking picture released in Italian media appears to show.

A man identified as Amri, then aged 18, sits with his hood up as he watches police on Italy’s Mediterranean island.

Taken on 3 April 2011, he would have just made the treacherous sea crossing from his native Tunisia in a bid to escape the Arab Spring revolutions sweeping the Middle East.

Five years later, Amri brought death to the streets of Germany after he was radicalised in an Italian prison.

The ISIS extremist ploughed a lorry into festive shoppers at a Berlin Christmas market on Monday night.

After fleeing the scene, he was finally shot dead by quick-thinking coppers in the Italian city of Milan after a brazen four-day jaunt through Europe via France.

A video of Amri pledging allegiance to ISIS in the days before the attack was released by the terror group this afternoon.

Rewind five years, and just days after arriving on Lampedusa trouble-maker Amri was involved in the burning down of a migrant shelter.

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