BERNIE SANDERS GETS JEALOUS: Of Trump’s SNL Appearance, Calls Him A…

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 8.29.24 AMOh Bernie. Bernie, Bernie, Bernie…

On a weekend when anti-racism activists stood out front of NBC studios protesting the appearance of billionaire businessman Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders (I-VT) hammered the GOP front runner for his “old fashioned racism.”

“To Donald Trump or anyone else in this country who refer to people from Mexico as rapists and criminals,” he said. “That is not an American value, that is old fashioned racism and we will not tolerate it!”

“It is not an American value to talk about rounding up millions of people and simply say that we are going to throw them out of the country. That is xenophobia,” he continued.

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