BIG MONEY: Clinton Campaign Funded by Major Pollsters, Cash and ‘Stats’ Donated…

We all knew that the MSM polls were biased, but we didn’t realize just how biased they were. These guys had a monetary interest in seeing Hillary win. Check it.

By Leon Sculti

Recently, the Washington Post, Yahoo News, Time, the Columbia Journal Review and a host of other news organizations reported on a Center for Public Integrity study detailing the federal campaign-finance filings of journalists, reporters, news editors, television news anchors and other donors working in journalism. The study found that 96 percent of those contributions – or about $382,000 – went to the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, while the remainder went to Donald Trump.

But as we enter the final days of the most heated presidential campaign in modern U.S. history, not only major news agencies, but also their presidential polling partners, find themselves under increased scrutiny.

There is no evidence that any of the polling firms concerned have juiced their surveys or numbers in any way. Most pollsters, including those listed here, make much of their money doing corporate work and surveys, not political polling. However, perhaps there is an argument to be made for transparency among polling companies as to their donations – and journalists should be equally open.

Journalists’ disproportionately Democratic donations, revealed in The Center for Public Integrity’s study,  reinforced the negative perceptions that a vast majority of American voters have of the news media – that they cannot be trusted, that they will work to elect the presidential candidate of their choice, and that Hillary Clinton is that candidate.

The Center for Public Integrity study concluded: Conventional journalistic wisdom holds that reporters and editors are referees on politics’ playing field — bastions of neutrality who mustn’t root for Team Red or Team Blue, either in word or deed. But during this decidedly unconventional election season, during which “the media”has itself become a prominent storyline, several hundred news professionals have aligned themselves with Clinton or Trump by personally donating money to one or the other.”

Federal Election Commission campaign-finance records show that top-level executives at some polling firms conducting presidential polls for major news agencies have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Democratic Party and to Hillary Clinton’s campaign in this election cycle. The volume and dollar amount of these contributions appear to vastly outweigh contributions made to Republicans and the Trump campaign. Numbers given here are approximinate

NBC/Survey Monkey

A search of FEC records shows that Survey Monkey employees have given $646,000– or approximately 96 percent of all their contributions – to Democratic Party candidates, committees and causes since 2004. They contributed $27,500 to Republican candidates, committees and causes over that same period of time.

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