BIKRAM ‘RAPE YOU’ YOGA: Bikram Yoga Founder Speaks Out About Rape Allegations, ‘Women Likes Me. Women Loves Me…’

Just because you think women like you doesn’t mean that you can’t assault them. This guy’s a creep.

Bikram Choudhury, founder of the heat-fueled Bikram yoga, denies that he attacked six female students who are suing him for sexual assault, saying he wouldn’t force himself on anyone because “Women likes me. Women loves me,” he said in an interview.

“So if I really wanted to involve the women, I don’t have to assault the women,” he told CNN.

Choudhury, 69, who created the hugely popular form of yoga that combines poses with rooms heated to 105 degrees, has been sued by former followers who accuse him of rape and assault.

“I never assaulted them,” he told the cable network. “The answer is I feel sorry for them.”

Devotees of his instruction have included celebrities such as Shirley MacLaine and Madonna. He also claims to have taught Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

His accusers began speaking out in 2013. Sarah Baughn told CNN that she became an adherent of Bikram yoga because it relieved her searing back pain and transformed her life.

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