• PatCindyCunningham

    I remember the Kent State Massacre just like it was yesterday. What I want to know is why is Bill Ayers there? He was on the murdering side, not the side for peace. When you kill for a cause you are a murderer plain and simple. He needs to stand on the side with Charles Manson, Ted Kaczynski, Ted Bundy, Tiller The Baby Killer. He is nothing but a taker of innocent lives.

    • john4637

      He claims his bombings killed no one, well isn’t that commendable! This communist bum set off bombs intended to kill police officer’s and others, those other’s were just anyone unfortunate enough to be in the blast range!! His other half, the other well known and respected communist professor, was much more accomplished than azzhole Bill, she proudly managed to kill a pig cop. My our esteemed President just travels in the best of COMMUNIST circles!!!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/sstephaniew stephanie wilson

        YEP, & IT MAKES ME SICK!!

      • ThomPaineJr12

        Do you feel as strongly about the American soldiers who murdered hundreds of Vietnamese women, children, and babies in My Lai?

        • john4637

          only the ones the left claims were killed with zippo lighters

    • leewacker

      I remember the Kent State “massacre” too! I remember seeing students throwing bottles, rocks, pieces of concrete, bricks and not just a few chunks of feces at the soldiers! Do you think those men WEREN’T being attacked?
      They were—in the purest sense of the word!
      Those “students” deserved what they got!

      • The Old Man

        I remember that too. So what happened to using water cannons and rubber bullets first???
        It’s the first time I can remember the armed forces were ordered to use deadly force on kids.

        • Well Done

          That’s not the first time I’ve seen young adults setting fires and throwing chunks of concrete referred to as “kids”, but it may the the most stupid example of such.

        • MalikTous

          Subject of the Frank Zappa song ‘Mama Mama’ on the ‘We’re Only In It for the Money’ album.

        • bluealiendevil

          Those were not “kids” they were college students, and some in their 20’s. i remember that time, I was in my teens. They were protesting Vietnam, and if old enough to go to war and die, then old enough to vote, the vote came in and I was 18 then, then old enough to bombard police with bottles and rocks and bricks, then get shot. No rubber bullets then in the late 60’s!

        • john4637

          All were within Draft age, kids are not drafted

        • Katherine McChesney

          Those ‘kids’ used deadly force against the soldiers. I agree with Winona…those ‘students’ deserved what they got!

        • Herman

          I didn’t know that kids went to collage. I thought that young men and woman went there. No one mentions that the young lady bending over the boy on the ground had a pistol in her waist band.

        • Herman

          Also spare the rod and spoil the child. I imagine these “Kids” were not spanked enough when they were younger. Either that or they were just to immature to be in collage in the first place. Their demonstration was any thing but peaceful.

      • Lucid Chaos

        Hang yourself, fascist creep. What a disgrace you are.

    • MalikTous

      Ayers is known card carrying member of the Marinus Van Der Lubbe International Bombing Society, named for the nut who tried to leave a car bomb on the Golden Gate bridge in the 60s. (The car got stolen from the bridge and the bomb timer failed.)

      • Katherine McChesney


        Ayer’s is an @ss. He had girlfriend and a friend who died while packing a nail bomb in NYC. So, he lied, Weather Underground killed two people.

    • ThomPaineJr12

      Ayers wasn’t involved in any bombing that killed anyone, and there’s no evidence he condoned any.

  • 1tymtrvlr

    And the violence all leads back to you worthless marxists, who thinks a person should work their butts off for unthankful parasites that are always looking for MORE free stuff, then you have a worthless alinsky p.o.s. pretending to be a man and president inviting another 20 million anti American parasites from south of the border to come and get on the marxist’s gravy train. ayers should have disappeared permanently in the manner in which the marxists use to silence their opposition.

    • E Pluribus Unim

      All I have to say is a loud, “AMEN! I’m tired of working 40+ hours a week so some parasite can mouch off the public dole. I believe in the old adage, “If you don’t work, you don’t eat.” Seems to work fine to me

      • gvette

        That’s funny. I guess you don’t mind working to support the government workers that are sucking you dry. they are doing faster then anyone. In listening to the bullshit, did you lose sight of that? Just wondering.

        • oldguy199

          Washington DC should be a 1 stop-SIGN town===single-wide (WH) , 2 circus tents (house & senate) Small out building (Supreme CT) few barns (storage, etc) 7-11 and THAT’S ALL, FOLKS !!!

          • MalikTous

            They’ll need a herd of donkeys for Dummycrats and elephants for Repulsivans…

      • Bob Hauser

        Well, how would you refer to the United states government if not as the single biggest white collar welfare fraud in all of world history?….subsidizing their lavish life styles is where the whopping 99% of your tax money goes. Many of the people on the “dole’ as you put it are there because the country’s economy stinks from here to the far side of hell and all the way back thanks to the Wall street investment parasites who are the real government and who are the real welfare frauds….as we said when I got back from Nam—when the stink rich get kicked off of welfare, the rest of us won’t need it.

        • ttseim

          Those “stink rich”, as you phrased it are the same ones who create almost all of the jobs in this country by working endless hours to get their business started, risk their personal money to do so, only to have it pilfered by the parasites who are on the receiving end of governments largess. The government can not give someone something without first taking it away from someone else….

  • http://twitter.com/jamescr54174058 james crawford

    This ba$tard should have received a bullet-between-the-eyes years ago!

    • SJvet

      Along with Hanoi Jane and many others.

      • oldguy199

        Hanoi Jane needs to dangle from a rope in front of Justice until the building falls (forever on display for Hollyweed “progs” to learn from)

        • Ron

          She was nothing like Ayers but she should have been charged with treason.

          • MalikTous

            I’d exile Hanoi Jane, Tom Hayden, and John Kerry for life and give them a slow boat to Vietnam to leave on. All three committed treason in Hanoi during the Vietnam War.

          • ThomPaineJr12

            What about the American soldiers who murdered hundreds of Vietnamese women, children, and babies in My Lai?

          • MalikTous

            I have far more respect for William Calley than I’ll ever have for Hanoi Jane, BHO, Ayers, or any leftist extremist liars. The My Lai villagers were armed Communists, which was covered up so LBJ could continue to profiteer on the war. Hanoi should have been firebombed while Hanoi Jane’s party was there and we should have kicked China and the VC back north over the border and won the war, without the interference from liberal retard politicians!

          • Herman

            I am with you.

    • edc

      “How different is the shooting in Connecticut from shooting at a hunting range?” The difference between newtown killings and shooting at a firing range is simple – one is legal and harms no one the other is illegal and harmed many. As far back as I can remember, making and using bombs has been illegal and deadly, but to communist “the end justifies the means”, no matter who gets hurt or killed as long as it isn’t the coward doing the deed.

    • marcyharris92

      Instead he is hired to corrupt our kids by teaching this crap at the college level.

    • ThomPaineJr12

      Right wingers were quick to excuse or forgive American soldiers for murdering hundreds of Vietnamese women, children, and babies in My Lai, but still can’t forgive Ayers, Fonda, and others for their actions to try to end that unjust war. What a shame.

      • http://twitter.com/jamescr54174058 james crawford

        Be sure to tell that to your neighbors & coworkers! You deserve to reap everything that you continue to sow.

        • Lucid Chaos

          What, are you assuming the people who live around him are as ignorant as you? And what bearing does the opinions of his “neighbors and co-workers” have on the documented war crimes committed by the U.S. military in Vietnam?

          Hah, you aren’t any kind of rebel. You’re marching in lockstep with the CIA and the Pentagon. But as soon as the puppetmasters give you a leftist president, you’re V for Vendetta. What a pathetic creature.

      • Lucid Chaos

        You get it. Bravo.

    • Lucid Chaos

      Why? For opposing a corrupt government that was killing people in Vietnam and cracking down on its own citizens? I thought standing up to the people who run things was what sites like this are ‘supposed’ to be all about.

      Yeah, execute anyone who is resisting the Empire. You’re a fascist creep.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BGC7U7QUFEWSSV3H4IFHLAFK54 mudslide

    Of course he defends it – he’s an aashole!

  • c69101

    This guy is pond scum!

  • http://twitter.com/marion6360 Marion6360

    God says in Proverbs 8-36 Thos who hate me love death.One day this pig will be up with GOd and he will be judged for his actions.

    • http://www.facebook.com/marc.lizotte.3 Marc Lizotte

      To Ayers it does not matter what you think, he doesn`t believe in God!

  • william C

    He obviously knows nothing about world history. HItler’s HOlocaust, Stalin’s purges, endless violence in Islamic countries. Evey society has violent individuals, but these are state sponsored pogroms of their own people, their families, their neighbors. Ayers should be spending life in prison. Oh, and Obama was a big buddy back in the Chicago days.

    • James Maxwell

      Oh he know it quite well and has used their game plan as part of his own.
      Is it any wonder that people like oscummer associated with him? Birds of a
      feather flock together as the old adge goes.

  • Bob Honiker
  • wandamurline

    Timothy McVey is the same as Bill Ayers…they are both terrorists. This man and his wife should have spent the rest of their lives in jail, not teaching at colleges.

    • John W.H.

      I live in OKC and I hate Timothy McVey more than most but I don’t put him in the same category as the coward bill ayers, at least McVey had the balls to go into the military, witch is a hell of a lot more than bill ayers ever did.

      • granny_for USA

        McVey I would catagorize as one of the muslim terrorists. Google his bio.

    • Katherine McChesney

      McVeigh, not McVey.

  • johnanaguski

    That SOB should be in prison today for what he did back in the days of madness.

  • CaptTurbo

    Ah Bill Ayers, the mentor and inspirit-or of the slimy usurper. From twisted, corrupted oaks do mighty little ACORNs grow.

    • Bob hauser

      An acorn is a nut

      • MalikTous

        ACORN is a bunch of scam artists who look for recently deceased voters and hijack their IDs to add false votes to the ballot boxes for the Dummycrat candidates, hence the term ‘corpse vote’.

        • Katherine McChesney

          ACORN = BLACK scam artists.

    • leewacker

      Little acorns like Obama!
      Liars, sneaks, murderers, traitors, slave traders!

  • bob novak

    An act of terrorism is an act of terrorism, it doesn’t matter what this criminal say’s. Of course he’s going to defend the bombings he did, its called plausible deniability, and the left uses it like a wrist watch.
    This is what the left embrace’s this is what they’re all about, denying the rights of hard working Americans so a few miserable cretins can live off us, then they deny the facts, they deny that communism is a failed political system, and insist that the upper 1%, of which ol’ I’ll blow you ass up if you don’t agree with me Ayers is a part of now. This guy is worth millions, just from his teaching position. Not counting how much he gets paid to travel around and justifying the criminal acts of his past.

  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.helsel.94 Richard Helsel

    I realy would like just 15 min alone with Mr Ayers, just 15 minutes.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BGC7U7QUFEWSSV3H4IFHLAFK54 mudslide

      Get in line…..

    • Bob Hauser

      I’ll just take five…you can spend all day with what’s left

      • MalikTous

        Hey Bob, you must know that trick I learned about DMSO and psilocybin mushrooms…

  • James Maxwell

    Bill Ayers like many radicals try to justify their actions as necessary to make our
    nation better. But what he and other did was not different than the Radical Islamic
    murdering cowards who set off bombs among civilians killing men, women and
    worse of all children. They can claim all the lofty so called principles but the bottom
    line is the are nothing more, nothing less than cowardly murdering bottom feeding
    scum. For anyone to glorify or praise them and give them a platform to spew forth
    their radical line of BS tells me that they are not better than them. Any place of
    learning that allows them to speak to the students is doing a great disservice to
    any and all who go there. They committed murder and managed to wiggle
    out of it but that does not exempt them from the crime they committed.

    • MalikTous

      A conservative radical dissident is a man with a custard pie who delivers it into his enemy’s face, then honestly claims the misdemeanor assault charge for nonlethal japing, pays his $25, gets lots of legitimate publicity, and goes back home happy not to have chanced missing and killing some innocent. A liberal radical dissident is a ‘man’ who throws fragmentation bombs or air fuel and fertiliser fuel bombs, kills a bunch of people, then tries to weasel out of his crime, and finds out that the one he intended to kill wasn’t even in the area when he bombed it. Then he moans and cries prejudice when he’s convicted and sent to death row until some moron liberal politician extracts him…

  • Charlie

    Bill be fibbin…they set a bomb off at the Park Police Station in SF and killed a police sergeant.>>If the FBI had not screwed up the evidence in that case this SOB would by now be looking at the dark side of the grass..

  • gipbmac

    This crusty monkeys ass and his assclown weather underground douchebags should have been locked up for life! He has absolutely no place in any university or school in America – what the hell is wrong with this Country just letting him go unchecked – how does pondscum like this just get to blow his BS and filth in a university and get paid well for it??? What the hell am I missing… this derranged subhuman piece of garbage (and any marxist like him) needs to be put down!

    • MalikTous

      It’s non-people like Ayers and WU that legitimise Zyklon B and a cremation incinerator just for them!

  • raccman

    And to think – he is a college professor now, and parents pay for their kids to listen to this anti-American’s marxist’s lectures !

    • oldguy199

      All the Boston bombers were doing is applying for Professorships in the same foot-prints as Billy Ayers and co.

  • caskinner

    Ayers is scum and should be in prison.

  • Herman

    I lived in Cleveland Ohio at the time of the killing at Kent State. I heard on the radio one time and one time only, a comment by one of the Professors there, that if the students had known the National Guard had loaded weapons, they wouldn’t have pushed them as far as they did. I also couldn’t understand why Bill Ayers wasn’t sent to Prison for what he did, until I found out his Dad was is a former CEO of Commonwealth Edison. I can only guess that he had to have pulled a lot of strings to keep his delinquent little boy out of Prison. Bill says that no one died from his bombing, which might be true, but some members of his little group killed, which would make him responsible. They send a Gang Boss to prison for what the gang members do, so why is Bill Ayers still running around a free man. I am sure he was involved in the robbery where the guard was killed, if not planed it.

    • caskinner

      I am sure Ayers is a master at manipulation and influenced many people to do evil. He probably didn’t want to get his hands “dirty”.

      • MalikTous

        They’re dirty just by the fact he’s a liberal retard member of the Marinus VanDerLubbe Bombing Society!

  • Herman

    There is no statute of limitations on Murder, so I think Eric Holder should bring him up on Murder charges. They should be able to use DNA evidence now to convict him.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Eric Holder would NEVER bring him up on murder charges. Holder is all for violence against White Americans.

  • Arizona_Don

    So Bill Ayres thinks the US is the most violent country in the world. If he is right which I don’t think he is it is because of people like him and the Boston bombers. If the United States is, it is also because of the left wing followers like him. The kermit gosnell’s and the rest of the baby killing women’s right to chose murder advocates. Who are nearly as bad as the muslim terrorists.

    What he seems to be claiming here is what he did was ok and what the Boston bombers did April 15, is not and he is capable of making that determination. He is a radical terrorist and he thinks he has the right to determine who is radical? When someone blows up buildings you lose any rights, the fact he did not kill anyone is not because it was planned that way. It is because they were not successful. He should be doing a life term in federal prison not roaming the streets free. In any case bombing a building is at the very least attempted murder. He is not in prison because of a technicality, not because he is innocent of any of the charges. The fact he secured a position in a university says volumes for the university. And our president is or was his buddy, also says volumes for the ignorance of the voters in this country

  • patriot

    “The United States is the most violent country that has ever been created, Ayers said.” Is
    that is why all the ovens were found in Germany

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BGC7U7QUFEWSSV3H4IFHLAFK54 mudslide

      and what does he do?
      He defends violence.
      Socialpunk wanna-be’s are not only among the most useless drivel to inhabit the earth, they’re also the most hypocritical….

    • MalikTous

      Ayers eats psilocybin ‘shrooms and can’t tell a can of Zyklon B from a can of Drano.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Poope John Paul was a Zykon B salesman to the Nazi’s during the Holocaust.

  • mac12sam12

    Ayers say the U.S. is the most violent country in the world. BS! Per capita England is more violent.

    • MalikTous

      There’s a song written for Ayers, look up D ckhead Song on Youtube!

  • Bob Hauser

    If Ayers & Co. had bombed the Federal Reserve Prank Building clear down to bedrock, they would have been the greatest heroes this country has had since Smedley Darlington Butler….but please take note that communist rats NEVER protest the international banksters that have ruined this country and have traditionally financed the comintern since Day One and quite lavishly at that.

  • http://saddlebum1.wordpress.com/ Timothy W. Lucas

    Chicago is fitting for a Saul Alinsky terrorist and a president that follows both. So they punish the history by punishing the people. How deranged a collective of mind farts blown to the winds of common sense. How must you harvest these trees of incoherent blame with tyrannical thoughts. How you manage to separate the same terrorist acts by a casualty of war liken to a hypocrite that your acts are beyond reproach or possibly even reprehensible. So righteous at an early age and indignant toward the end of your life that one must question the worthiness or your personal carbon footprint for these years spent. Even a female murderer gets a bully pulpit to stir and twist the young minds of tomorrow just to give reason to her own existence today. To live and let live a thought wasted on those with a false grudge. History is in the past with those that were present mostly dead. I submit there is another reason called greed which has over taken politics for the last one hundred years. It has many splinters and paths that lead nowhere. The radical and extreme left are authors of miss-direction, denial and double speak. It is evident to me that your mission is simple “greed”.

    • MalikTous

      @*%^ing Cow Town, somebody’s cow should kick the lantern over and burn it. Moochelle Obama is suitable…


    1 word RECTUM

  • JohnW.H.

    I remember this clown as a long haired hippy type pink-o fa@, draft dodging coward. Now they treat this punk like he is some one who matters?? He is a example of ever thing that is wrong with this country today, and one of Bo rack insane Obamas good buddies. They both need to be in the same prison cell.

    • MalikTous

      Yeah, there’s another almost like him, named Komrad Wilhelm Klinton, with a wife named Hitlery and a brat named Chernobyl, who also pretended to the presidency via ACORN votes in the 90s… Bloody draft dodgers should be exiled!

  • alleycat22

    “Just a guy in the neighborhood, oh I did not know he was a terrorist, oh I thought he had appologized…” Bill Ayers is running the group that’s writing all of these radical bills like Oblaimacare and Stimulus. Barry and The Radicals, starring BHO, coming to an arena near you!!

  • usmc1063

    Hmm I kinda of like this picture of Ayers doing his best James Dean impression. What I don’t like is his cockiness and disdain for our country that he even carries today. His ideals are nothing but a destructive method for a Nation and worst than that a Free people. Why he is still allowed to walk our streets a freeman and to educate our young is beyond me. Aryes fend’s concern while he prepairs the knife that he will put into your back for not agreeing with him. Even today his sheer arrogance is without a doubt more than most Americans can stand. Atleast the ones who love and cherish their Freedom and Liberty. Bill Aryes words, thoughts and deeds are nothing more than sickening to those same people. Wake up America your Freedom and Liberty depends on your awareness to what is happening around you.

    • MalikTous

      If James Dean caught Ayers doing that impression, Ayers would wake up with a hole in his crotch the size of Dean’s boot!

      • usmc1063

        That just might be the case. I would love to do it myself for that matter. It was because of idiots like him that even more people were killed in Vietnam. We didn’t fight that war the way we should have simply because our politicians sided with the protestors. That was the problem they cut our balls off with political correctness. Do I have a problem with people like Ayers? You better believe I do.

  • drikk

    Harvey Klehr, the Andrew W. Mellon professor of politics and history at Emory University in Atlanta, said in 2003, “The only reason they were not guilty of mass murder is mere incompetence. I don’t know what sort of defense that is.”[

  • TexasPatriot

    Another frigging Chicago traitor. There must be some reason all trash is from Chicago…is it in the air, the water or what? This guy, Hanoi Jane, and BHO are all sad examples of that city!

  • Jerry Kaser

    We now have a government that Ayers is proud of. The government targets the enemy but also targets christians and other Americans that question the Ayers type of government. His type of government would be subservient citizens that bow to an all-knowing government. The womb to tomb nanny state.

  • leewacker

    Bill Ayers needs to be killed very slowly, painfully, and horribly! So does his wife, and all the other Weatherman jerks! I remember them! They tried to come across as great Patriots, but they were nothing more than communist butchers!

    • ThomPaineJr12

      Do you feel as strongly about the American soldiers who murdered hundreds of Vietnamese women, children, and babies in My Lai?

  • AZWarrior

    Obama and Ayers are queer for each other so he can get away with this schitt.

  • foxxybey

    If this SOB or his friends come for me, I will do to them what they want to do to me. And obozo’s buddy, wonder if that means they sleep together?

    • http://twitter.com/jamescr54174058 james crawford

      They still do meet, frequently. I hear that they use a closet in the Oval Office occasionally for celebratory 60’s Wesson Oil Party.

  • z

    As Kruschev said bangin his shoes on the table of the UN “We can not beat you from the outside but we will bury you from within,,”

  • USPatriotOne

    Ayers is a criminal…who cares what he has to say…I know I don’t! Beside being a Commie, a murder and is one of Oboozo’s mentors and lovers he is a real POS and he will be one of the first to go when it hit’s the fan…!!!

  • sean murry

    that SOB should be in prison or shot as a traitor.

  • Ron

    Anybody ever wonder why this fool is still free or why he was never charged? And now he is a public figure telling us how right he was and still nothing is done about him.

    • ThomPaineJr12

      Anybody ever wonder why William Calley was made the scapegoat for all the American soldiers who participated in the murder of hundreds of Vietnamese women, children, and babies in My Lai? And then his punishment was just 2- 3 years of house arrest.

  • Well Done

    Little publicized about the Kent State so-called “massacre” is that those students had just set fire to some buildings on campus, and prevented the fire department from reaching the fire. They then stampeded towards armed NG troops that had been called in by the Governor at the request of the, er, University. So, the reality of a situation has been co-opted by the left to make themselves look like victims! Surprise!

  • http://twitter.com/jr61020 Jason

    He did kill a policeman with his bombing. But is now a professor teaching college cources. He should have gone to prison for life. Remember obama began his political career in this guy’s house

  • yaki534

    He needs to be hanged. The universities that hired this scum should NOT recieve ANY tax dollars.

  • coltman

    rule No1 don’t through rocks at people with guns.

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    How’s that for the usual liberal ‘logic’? His bombings were ‘different’ only because his timing was off or nobody happened to be around when they went off. Not like he didn’t TRY to kill some people, just too incompetent to get the job done.

    • ThomPaineJr12

      Moron.. the bombs were set to go off when no one was there.

      • http://twitter.com/jamescr54174058 james crawford

        Maybe you should go down to your regional FBI office and give them your complete, first-hand statement.

  • granny_for USA

    And his point is? Whats his address? I have a pressure cooker that needs to go under his house..

  • websmith

    I can’t stand Obama but, the only reason we were in Vietnam was to give our money to the military industrial complex. We killed 60,000 of our young, patriotic citizens doing so. We all should have been against it. Like Iraq, it was one of the worst things that this country has ever done.

  • MalikTous

    Bill Ayers is a moron just like the WeatherUnderground bomb-throwing maniacs. Both should be exiled for life from the USA for high treason as well as murder, if not just lined up in front of a firing squad.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bob-Higginbotham/100000261072379 Bob Higginbotham

    That no one was killed or injured in the bombings by Ayres, Peters and the rest of the cowards is luck and no excuse for what they did. They were no better than the Boston bombers and the rest of the terrorists that have tried to blow up Americans or anyone for that matter. It is a sad commentary on the state of our society that they are treated like real people instead of the scum they are.

    • jmaclean93

      And now Robert Redford is making a movie about these kooks! Wonderful! Geez!

      • http://twitter.com/jamescr54174058 james crawford

        The nationwide screenings will be deemed Leftists’ Worship Hour, hosted by Rev. Redford.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sstephaniew stephanie wilson


  • Nolan Ashman

    What total debauchery! Ayers is as credible in this folly as it would be to invite Dr Gosnell to speak on the hippocratic oath and the value of life.

  • mogul264

    Does anybody have a home address of Ayers and Dohrn? If this was somehow made public, do you suppose some insane right-winger might try to bomb THEM? Just casually wondering!

  • Stinger


    • jmaclean93

      BIG A$$HOLE, what’s with this University of Chicago and all the Commie that come out of it! mmm. I know one: Obama!

  • worldwatchman

    Simple reply after reading this. 50 caliber round to the forehead. The people involved in allowing him to teach….same thing. He’s a part of the dumbing down of Americans.

  • Thomas_More

    Another of our dear leader’s compatriots, who like him, truly despise America.

  • Watchdogman

    Someone needs to strap a bomb on him and his little darling co-conspirator and then tell them to explain the difference just one more time before they go BOOM…How does filth like this live in our society and even retire from a US university…this country is headed for destruction…Lordy!

  • Anonymous Patriot

    Define irony. A domestic terrorist bomber complaining that the country he loathes is the most violent one ever. Completely ignoring countries where woman can be raped, beaten, and killed for looking at the wrong person. Countries where children soldiers are the norm on the battlefield. It’s like a lawyer complaining there are too many lawsuits……..

  • $5905143

    Just love his cute earrings….. Piece of crap….

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