BILL MAHER HITS AT CHURCHS’ TAX-EXEMPT STATUS: ‘We’re Being Forced to Subsidize a Myth’ [WATCH]

churchesYeah, churches might be tax-exempt but many solar energy companies have also been subsidized (and later bankrupt) with many tax payers not believing in climate change. But give us your thoughts below, does Maher have a point or is he just being a hater?

On tonight’s Real TimeBill Maher listed off quite a few new rules. He was definitely in a take-no-prisoners type of mood, but once the jokes were over, it was time to get serious as hell, if you catch my drift. The big rule was all about churches no longer getting to go tax-free.

Churches have plenty of money, but don’t have to pay taxes, he explained.

Finally, he stated that atheists and agnostics are now the second-largest group when it comes to theological thought in America. He lamented, “Almost a quarter of us are being forced to subsidize a myth we’re not buying into!”

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