Bill to Hugely Expand Tax Burden on Gun Owners and Finance their Oppressors

tax manWriting for Ammoland, Max McGuire, of Sanity Politics,informs us that early this month, Congressman Danny K. Davis (D-IL), along with co-sponsor Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ), introduced H.R. 3018, the “Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act of 2013.” This bill,according to the text, would impose a whopping new 20% tax on all firearms purchases, and a 50% tax on ammunition. National Firearms Act (machine guns, suppressors, sawed-off shotguns and rifles, etc.) transfer fees would also go way up, as would licensing fees for gun dealers, manufacturers and importers.

Furthermore, these new taxes would not be applied, as per current practice under the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Act, to wildlife conservation, which at least provides some benefit to hunters (and perhaps, some day, to shooters in general). Instead, this new tax revenue would go to the police (the militarization of law enforcement, after all, ain’t cheap), and to fund anti-gunagenda-driven “research.”

Even a cursory look at Rep. Davis’ “gun control” historymakes it abundantly clear that in his view, one of the most important roles of the police is as hired muscle, to enforce citizen disarmament laws, and Rep. Pascrell is no different. And, in fact, Davis’ own press release makes very clear that what he intends for these funds to pay for is the effort to make private gun ownership more difficult:

Rep. Davis stated, “Gun violence in America has reached epidemic proportions and we cannot, as a nation, any longer tolerate the on-going social and economic costs of inaction. Gun violence is a daily reality for America and, in particular, for urban cities like Chicago. The crisis should outrage us all. This legislation is a pro-active approach to reducing gun violence by using proven preventive programs which have been starved for funds until now. As part of a comprehensive, multidimensional strategy to reduce gun violence, this legislation closes major loopholes in tax law and lays out an equitable, long term, sustainable strategy to provide the requisite resources.”

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  • PatCindyCunningham

    Don’t worry about where the tax money collected for this ab-oration because it would go where all monies collected by Democrats go, right back in there pockets. That would of course happen in the way of Unions and Bureaucratic red tape. They really are looking for a Nation wide Revolution aren’t they? Keep asking for it, and just maybe, they’ll get it!

  • Abby

    Greedy SOB’s just trying to stick it to those who love freedom.

  • Sgt Snuffy

    Revolution or Civil War either one will make the last 2 look like a walk in the park .These treasonous bastards are trying to do everything that their Communist masters could not accomplish during the Cold War, the destruction of the United States of America as a free and sovereign nation. Answerable to no one but her own people. They are turning our police departments into para-military units like they have in South America, pretty soon they’ll end up being the judge, jury and executioner all in one, this is and has happened on numerous occasions in the past 3 or 4 years right here in our on country. This same process we see happening here in our country has been repeated time and again all across the planet. We are looking at hard times coming folks and I just don’t mean about jobs or the price of gas. I am talking about the lose of Liberty and Freedom in our land.

  • Derekf900

    Where do these idiots come from ? Totally disgusting and a bill like this will NOT be tolerated by the gun community. They don’t stand a chance of passing this stupid bill……The NRA and other like minded organizations and the 2nd Amendment citizenry of this country will eat these 2 idiots and their proposed bill for lunch…..

    • reggiec

      Liberals are afraid of a well armed populace. They are afraid because a well armed populace can resist when they eventually try to cram Communism down our throats.
      I would think that just about everyone agrees that the Democrat Party is in reality the Socialist Party and Socialism is one step short of Communism. The Communists did not go away after the cold war they just hid under the term “progressive”.

  • SniperToo

    What they are trying to do is make it so hard to buy guns and supplies that financially it will hurt ALL law abiding citizens. And this is exactly what they want. Just remember, any boon doggle trick to keep us down, they will use. And yes, the Muslim dictator is using every trick in the book to push the law abiding US citizens into raising up and starting a civil war. He is gagging for it. But, keep your powder dry and wait for him to drop the other shoe. Let him start and we will finish it.

  • John R.Pyles 111

    Can not as a free society ,we prosecute these people who do not understand the Bill of Rights as well as the oath they swore to uphold said rights?

  • Steve Harmon

    latest figures from cdc (2011); motor vehicle deaths=84/day; homicide=30/day; suicide=54/day. Conclusion? lower speed limit to 5 mph and pass a law to make suicide illegal. lol

    • bigdoc13

      Suicide IS illegal. It is also kind of hard to prosecute.(since the suspect is dead) But,it is also illegal to attempt suicide,so they can prosecute them.

      • Steve Harmon

        I was trying to make a funny, hence the “lol” at the end.

  • Steve Harmon

    Just remember Honorable (?) Reps. thieves and criminals will always steal weapons and ammo. You Dolts.

  • vespo08

    Taxation without Representation as reached Epidemic Proportion. Radical Liberal ideology to infringe upon Americans Constitutional Rights and usurp the United States Constitution is a chronic invasion of our Liberties. Masking these “taxation” proposals as a means of bypassing the U.S. Constitution and diluting the Bill of Rights, should not be tolerated by any Citizen of the United States, as well as summarily rejected by the majority of elected officials, elected to represent the people in their respective U.S. House and U.S. Senatorial districts.

  • Jeffersonian

    I’m so fed up with these idiots! It’s time for a State Constitutional Convention to knock out their powers, and terms in office!

  • MN_in_CA

    I love how the fact that gun violence has actually been going down and yet the politicos are screaming bloody murder that any gun violence must be stamped out.

  • Steve

    Sound real profitable for the black market, i.e. no tax.

  • Mary Brown

    according to bill track this has a 1% chance of getting out of committee and 0% of passing if it does get out

  • Mary Brown

    they want us disarmed and unable to fight back when they try to stuff us in fema relocation camps to be used as slave labor

  • tinkerunique

    He refuses to see the fact, GUNS AND DRUGS can be had “on the street” any time of day. WHY NOT go after the illegal sales of those ?? <( it's easier to control mice, and NOT the weasles)

  • tdiinva

    Don’t get your panties in a bunch. This bill is going nowhere and it will continue to go nowhere unless you follow the “there’s no difference between the two Parties nonsense” and stay home in a snit in 2014.

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