Black Gun Clubs and The Right To Bear Arms

black gun club…Sunday afternoon, I talked with several members of black gun clubs in Maryland who represent a different side of the story. The people I interviewed love their guns and recalled growing up in black farming communities where every family had guns for hunting — and protection. They spoke of a love for guns that spanned generations in their families.

Inside the wood-paneled Prince George’s Trap and Skeet Center, a Maryland National Park and Planning facility tucked away off Good Luck Road in Greenbelt, logs crackled in the fireplace and the aroma of chili filled the air as men arrived to sign up for one of the final sessions in the Southern Maryland Winter League. Outside, members of the Metro Gun Club, a predominantly black gun club formed more than 50 years ago for African Americans banned from white gun clubs, took their places at the range to test their skeet skills. A rhythmic “pop pop pop” and the smell of gunpowder rose in the frigid air as the men shot at orange discs tossed in the whipping winds.

Glynnis “Larry” Byrd, president of the Metro Gun Club, has been around guns all his life. He remembers first holding a gun when he was about 6. “My father was a hunter, and a lot of our food came from hunting,” he said, recalling his days growing up on a farm in North Carolina.

When he moved to Baltimore as a young man, it was taboo to even talk about guns, Byrd said. In the more southern, more rural Waldorf, where about 16 Metro Gun Club members — mostly African American men, a few whites and one black woman — meet for camaraderie and shooting games, Byrd is free to indulge in his favorite sport.

“In Baltimore, talking about guns was like lighting a stick of dynamite. Here, in the club, we’re a bunch of guys who play with guns everyday,” Byrd said. “Nobody gets hurt because we practice gun safety.”

Byrd thinks the politicians working to increase gun controls are going about it all wrong: “I think there should be stricter laws to punish the…


  • 9Spoon9

    Drop the Black/White segregationist BS! People are people and should be judge for what their moral code is and how they conduct themselves. There’s “trailer/ghetto” trash in all sections of the US populace. Divisive are articles such as this one.

    • Benjamin F. Raines

      Did you even READ the article? You are off base by miles. Get your head out of your tail end and READ it!

      • 9Spoon9

        I did the read
        this article…read my explanation. I fully understand the repression of
        people with dark-pigmented skin tones for centuries. Chinese “coolies” as well during the 1800’s on the west coast. It wasn’t me, or anyone in my family that were involved in trafficking of forced laborers.The real root of the problem stemmed from differing tribes on the Dark Continent that took meek individuals or survivors of blood-stain raids as captives. Greedy privateers and a desire for the cheap labor by deep-pocketed landowners brought subservient victims upon US soils more than 300 years ago. They were cargo and delivered to other nations as well. Over the course through subsequent eras the, so much of these actions in United States were/have been skillfully performed at the hands aristocracy; the majority of which were (are) manipulating members of the Democratic Party.

        I don’t understand the propagation of keeping the divisive terms at the forefront of any discussion. The manner in which the word “black” is mentioned in the title makes it unclear whether the author is referring to “evil black guns” as Obama, Biden, Feinstein, Cuomo and many other oppressors of Liberty would have the public believe or did the author intend this to define a particular group of persons from certain ethnicities. Furthermore it isn’t defined or restated clearly in the first paragraph which is contrary to professional writing details/skills.

        These compounded terms, to me, define a person that legally immigrated from another country/nations and through their own volition chose to study our Constitution and the American “way of life” in general, as well as learn an English dialogue All of these obligations are necessary to satisfy the requirements for becoming bona fide US Citizens.

        I do not like any terms that promote or suggest segregation by their mere utterance. We utilize the terms “Irish-Americans”, “Italian-Americans”, “Jewish-Americans” and “African-Americans” (among others) when it’s PC as a form of kowtowing to special groups/special interests and for special purposes with abandon.

        I have shared lodging, meals, hunting and fishing trips as well as have worked with many men and women from Surgeons to common laborers that possess high amounts of melanin. I treat everyone with respect to their individual character and mannerisms, not by the shade of skin. I have yet to meet a true “Africa-American” yet in all my years. I’m sure there are many that do clearly fit the hyphenated descriptive title. To those: Welcome to America…Our Country!

        While I’m on the subject of forced labor and slavery…today there is a world-wide and gravely disconcerting issue of abductions. Thousands of mostly female victims are forcefully coerced to perform duties and chores unbecoming of anyone. Sadly, many young innocents are force into slave roles that are inhumane and morally degrading destroyers of the human soul by callous, money-grubbing “Entrepreneurs”.

        My suggestion to you Mr. Raines would be to expend some of your time and efforts working to aid or correct items or situations that are truly worthwhile. Do not assail me or others until you understand the basis of their beliefs! I usually dismiss such cheap shots, but wanted to espouse my reasoning for my word choice and actions.

        I remain puzzled why you chose to make a notation as a blog commentator when you are not registered as a subscriber. Humm…internet cross feed possibly brought this article complete with posted opinions/statements to a another site or ???

        E Pluribus Unum…One from many, not many stay separate! And if you want proof of the success and faith of putting your trust and very existence in the hands of government…look to the American Indian!

        • Keith Frey

          Well said thank you

        • edodaniel

          Still don’t see what part of the article got your panties in a twist.

          It was written with a focus on black gun owners who are members of a specific club (and I guess you missed the part about the white members present).

          How would YOU write such an article without mentioning who the members were?

          Considering that there was NOTHING racist or belittling about the article it looks like maybe you just wanted to rant a while.

    • Black Rain

      I thought that way too. I understand Americans of African descent, I didn’t understand African-American, not today.

  • Michael Williams

    If you do your research you will find that gun control is all about the Liberal/Communist lefts agenda to disarm and destroy America as we know it…!!! We all know what is coming…and we all know what IT IS…!!! Anyone with more than 3 Liberal/Communist brain cells knows!

  • Dan Braun

    you need to define Black Gun Club,1) AR-15 and the like or,2)Afro-American membership Gun clubs. Dan Braun

    • gail2012

      What does that mean defind black gun ownership or african American gun ownership. Does that mean one hates whites and is a liberal leftist communist that backs the obama regime and wants to disarm America so he can transform this country into a cestpool of proverty and despair. That’s what these socialist/communist countries are. These countries live in proverty and despair. Look at Mexico, South America, Korea and yes CHINA. look at Africa and the middle east. Even obama’s brother who lives in Kenya on $20.00 a year says communist/socialism is responsible for hunger, death, famine and despair but maybe that’s the way you all that following the king of despair and tyrany want. Not me! I want our country to continue to prosper. I want to live by the law of our Constitution. WE THE PEOPLE. I want to be able to work and pay my bills. I don’t want food stamps or his cell cheap phone (that cost 22billion dollars he gave out 16million phones) or his HUD housing. I want to able to buy a gun leagally or express myself freely without the PC Police arresting me. I want to become a business owner if I can or work as an artist, singer or star if I can. I DON’T WANT TO LIVE IN PROVERTY AND DESPAIR. I DON’T WANT MY COUNTRY FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGED!

      • Black Rain

        I don’t believe that’s what he talking about but, maybe he does need to clarify his statement.

        • gail2012

          You never know. All I know is this is an American issue. This leftist communist regime and the obama tyrant needs to be stopped. This will be the fight of our lives. Cancelling comcsst the leftist government paid media needs t o be shut down. The won’t carry gun commercials.

          • Black Rain

            I get that part, Comcast. I don’t believe the black gun club was started because the blacks hate white. It was started because white would not let the blacks join.

      • Riggs2500

        Our country needs to be fundamentally changed! Back to the way it was before liberals invaded. Lets turn things back to the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s but we can keep the equality of today. All citizens equal but only working or retired workers have a vote. Throw out all illegals and their children and bring back harsh punishments for criminals and abolish correctional institutions. Three violent criminal cinvictions and you lose your citizenship and get sent to an out of country prison colony, Devils Island sounds good to me. Many of our current leaders should be sent directly there.

    • Anthony Perruc

      The article was stating how some gun clubs (the one in the article to be more specific) got started and he went and spoke to members of a predominately black gun club which included white members. What is so difficult?

  • Max Bond

    This article makes guns look like a toy for the well off. Another move to make gun control look like a good thing. The Totalitarians want to own you ass.

  • Steve Harper

    If they locked all the criminals there would be no one to pester us about gun taking our guns,don’t cha-see.

  • gail2012

    We need to bouycott COMCAST. Call comcast and cancell. They are not only banning the commericials about Guns but their are totaly leftist communist network. They hate the conservative values. They are the arm of the obama regime. I don’t know but I think if millions of working law abiding American citizens cancell comcast I think they may sit up and listen. Call your local talk show host, tell your niegbor or shout it from the roof top but cancell there service asap. This disarming America is not a white or black thing it’s an everybody in danger thing. Obama says he wants to fundamentally change America. I have always said “to what!” What does that mean. Well I’ll tell you what it means. It means he hates America. HE HATES what America stands for. Which is freedom, propserity, hope being able to whorship God freely. Having a loving family and smaller taxes. Being an individual with God given talents. This tyrant obama needs to be STOPPED. CANCELL YOUR COMCAST!!!

  • foxxybey

    I’m with gail2012 has it right, Comcast has more Mexican stations most english speaking programs and even offers them better deals then those who were born here, the gun thing makes up my mind, lets put them out of business.

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    Fire Arm education K-12 with live fire .22 in the 3rd grade, larger calibers as the children age.

    They teach ‘safe sex’, why not teach safe SELF DEFENSE from the criminal element?

    Start neighborhood, one room schools with one teacher and volunteer parents.

    Have the older kids teach the younger kids how to read, write and build intergenerational coherence between the different aged children in the neighborhood.

    You know… the way it was before the government began separating them into age groups and began the process of dividing age groups and causing friction between them.

    • Lynn Kritzberger

      That is the problem with the schools now, but they refuse people like the NRA ,and EDDY the EAGLE to show how to handle guns safly ,at no cost to the schools ! ! !

      • CrustyOldGeezer

        And that is why I wrote this. Send it on if you find it interesting….

        One room schools…

        Americans that were educated in one room school houses did the best in OUR history.

        Today, in towns, cities and suburbs, the system needs very little alteration for todays population and culture.

        A modest house with kitchen, 2 bathrooms and a large living room will suffice.

        One teacher with an assistant, preferable parents that volunteer teaching
        the older children, with older children teaching the younger ones how to
        read and write and arithmetic.

        The act of one generation teaching another generation builds a tremendous tie between the participants.

        Teachers would have the ability and authority to mete out corporal punishment, ‘parents’ who have a problem with that can always send their children to government schools.

        Older children, high school age, will have another school nearby for the upper levels for all nearby schools that they will attend 2 or 3 days per week. again, one room, one teacher and one volunteer assistant.

        Historically, Americas children that attended this type of school knew more about cognitive thinking that any college professors of todays universities.

        Parents would be more than welcome to stop by and observe or help out with educating their own, and others children to ensure they actually LEARN the real history of America, ALL of the Founding documents, the
        Federalist Papers, etc.

        I feel certain that curriculum and subject matter could be obtained from Hillsdale College and others at minimal cost for digital copies.

        Think about it, study it, pass it around and see if it is doable in your neighborhood.

        It removes the union influences, the heavy hand of an oppressive government.

        This would build cohesion between the different age groups and solidify the communities they way they were 100 years ago.

        Tommy, 18, teaches Suzy, 6, her alphabet and beginning reading and writing. Tommy graduates and gets married.

        8 years later, Suzy, now 14, teaches Tommys son, the alphabet, or
        arithmetic, spelling, etc until she graduates. The cycle continues…

        “Grade” schools divide and separate children into a system that is unrelated to the health and welfare of the community as a whole and the community loses the cohesion necessary to stand together whenever danger or need arises.

        With Parent volunteers on hand every day, the teachers can be judged and evaluated and if a teacher is found to be lacking in strong moral, ethical and Honest character traits, it will be a simple process to remove that teacher and replace with a more acceptable person.

    • Riggs2500

      Great minds think alike……. I have been saying the same thing forever. Why shouldn’t the 2nd Amendment be taught right along with the first. Liberal unions took over education and stopped teaching citizenship and the Constitution. Children no longer get an education, only indoctrination.

  • Silas Longshot

    Wake up, people, the first and foremost gun laws enacted BY DEMOCRATS after the civil war were to keep the 2nd amendment rights of blacks denied to them. The 2nd protects the rights of ALL Americans. If 0bama and the gun grabbers get their way, we will ALL be equal opportunity targets for criminals and government thugs.

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