BLACK THUG RAPES FRIEND’S GIRL: As Part of a GRUESOME Game Called ‘C**k Blocking’–Judge has HARSH Response

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Only the most depraved minds would find this a game. Disgusting.

A female judge has slammed men who view rape as ‘lad’s banter’ after she jailed a former shop supervisor who attacked a woman as she lay asleep during a childish prank to ‘c***-block’ his friend.

Judge Hilary Manley hit out at Daniel Dennis, 27, after hearing how he had raped the woman simply to ‘get one over’ on his friend Craig Flash, who just had sex with her in a rented apartment.

Dennis, from Wolverhampton, had sneaked into the room while the 23-year old woman was with Mr Flash and then hid behind a curtain before locking his pal in the bathroom when he went to the toilet.

Although Mr Flash was allowed back out, Dennis then waited for him to nod off before raping the woman as she lay asleep next to him. He fled in a change of clothing when she woke up to find him having intercourse with her.

Dennis, who had worked as a supervisor at Primark until 2011, later claimed he was simply playing a game known as ‘c***-blocking’ a slang term for an action intended to prevent someone else from having sex with a woman.

He claimed Mr Flash had stopped him having sex with a different woman on a previous occasion by walking in on them as they were getting intimate.

Dennis had denied rape but was convicted after a trial at Manchester Crown Court and jailed for six years.

Judge Manley told him: ‘You and friends came to Manchester that night and acted in a way that was shameful. You displayed a blatant disregard for women with little regards for their feelings.

‘The fact you engaged in behaviour that you describe as c***-blocking to disturb your friend in his private business with this woman. Your response was “he did it to me and the girl left”. That particular girl got upset and you clearly learnt nothing from it.

But in a victim impact statement the woman said: ‘Since what happened, my whole life has changed. I no longer feel safe and in aware of any man who tries to talk to me.

‘I find it hard to speak to any man. I don’t go out with my friends anymore I stay in because I know I’m safe there. I’ve lost contact with friends and keep myself to myself. What happened to me has affected my mum and dad they have had to take time off work. I can’t speak to them about the rape because I don’t want to upset them.

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