BLOOMBERG’S EVERYTOWN: Just Bought Ads Supporting Racist Handgun Permitting Scheme

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Michael Bloomberg has directed his minions at Everytown for Gun Safety to make a large ad buy in an effort to derail House Bill 562.

National gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety has bought airtime for a TV ad urging lawmakers to oppose House Bill 562, an omnibus gun bill that would relax restrictions on owning and carrying weapons in the state.

The 30-second spot is scheduled to run statewide on broadcast television this week.

House Bill 562 would repeal North Carolina’s requirement that a prospective handgun buyer obtain a pistol permit from the county sheriff. That process includes a criminal background check.

Let’s talk about the history of that pistol permitting scheme, since WRAL reporter Laura Leslie want to skip over it’s deplorable history.

The pistol permit was introduced into North Carolina law in the Jim Crow-era South, when the NC Democrat Party and the Ku Klux Klan were one in the same.

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