Bombshell: CDC Says Ebola Spread to America is ‘Inevitable’

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 9.12.36 AMEditor’s Note: The CDC is expecting Ebola to break out in the US. That’s… not a good sign.

The spread of Ebola to the USA is “inevitable,” said the head of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday. Tom Frieden made the statement in a House Subcommittee hearing, adding that he does not think there will be a “large Ebola outbreak” in the U.S. Does he think there will be small ones?

Ken Isaacs, vice president of program and government relations at the Christian aid group Samaritan’s Purse warned “the world is woefully ill-equipped to handle the spread of Ebola,” reports Yahoo News. (1)

“It is clear that the disease is uncontained and it is out of control in West Africa,” he told the hearing. “The international response to the disease has been a failure.”

“If you read the Ministry of Health status reports coming out every day from Liberia, I don’t mean to be dramatic, but it has an atmosphere of ‘Apocalypse Now’ in it,” said Isaacs, as reported by (5)

The spread of Ebola to the U.S. will likely happen due to international air travel, CDC head Frieden warned. Today’s Ebola outbreak is the largest ever recorded in history. Is the CDC perhaps preparing America for an announcement that Ebola is now being found in U.S. patients?

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued its highest alert activation over the Ebola outbreak,” reports CBS News. (4) “CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden announced on Twitter Wednesday that their operations center has moved to a Level 1 response.”

America is nowhere near prepared for an Ebola outbreak

Mac Slavo from just posted a really important story that I recommend you read. It’s entitled What You Need to Do to Survive Ebola BEFORE the Panic Starts.

As Slavo rightly points out, if there is even a single case of Ebola appearing on the streets of America, the masses will outright panic.

Michael Snyder from The Economic Collapse Blog (7) also makes a powerful point in this recommended article, where he says:

Yes, we may be able to provide “state of the art care” for a handful of people, but if thousands (or millions) of Americans get the virus you can forget about it. Our health industry is already stretched incredibly thin, and we simply do not have the resources to handle a tsunami of high risk Ebola patients. And of course conventional medicine does not have a cure for Ebola anyway.

Outbreak will immediately turn to panic

In truth, almost nobody is America is prepared for an Ebola outbreak — not the people, not the hospitals, not the grocery stores and certainly not the government.

Even a small, local Ebola outbreak would result in a mandatory lock down of people in their own homes. The government’s phrase for this is “shelter in place,” and it was invoked at gunpoint during the Boston Marathon bombings.

The problem with all this is that the very minute the public gets word of Ebola spreading in America, people will launch into panic buying of everything you can imagine: gasoline and fuel, water, storable foods, chemical sanitizers, ammunition, firearms and so on. Think “zombie apocalypse” and you’ll get the idea.

Case in point: The announcement that the water supply in Toledo, Ohio was poisoned due to chemical agricultural runoff caused an immediate and total wipeout of water supplies from store shelves.

Hawaii just experienced the same thing, reports Intellihub: (2)

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  • conservative

    When you deliberately bring ebola cases here, and you don’t police your borders, you will have ebola come here.

  • MyRoseHasTHORNS

    We used to be able to prevent the spread of major diseases, especially third world ones; when we limited the number of immigrants and visitors, had them obtain immunizations and apply for ‘visas’, We didnt allow travel directly from infected places. That was back when our Government didnt put out HEALTH and well-being at risk on a daily basis.

  • CaptTurbo

    No kidding Einstein. With open border we are toast.

  • Diggsc

    So should we start calling it “webola”?

  • Bobbala

    Maybe actively importing it was not a good idea …

  • Chuck Pelto

    TO: Glenn Reynolds
    RE: Potential for Ebola Spreading In America

    ….conditions for spread are much less favorable here than they are in fetid West African cities…. — Glenn Reynolds

    Have you ever been to Houston? How about southern Florida? Then again there are places like Harlem and other inner city ghettos.

    And I have to wonder…..can ebola be spread by mosquito bite?

    The fact of the matter is we don’t know the potential for the spread of this virus if it comes to US. But I think the potential is greater than CDC or you would care to consider.


    [Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.]

  • Ovomit1

    …nothing to worry about – Jihad barry said everything going to be ok

  • Sarah Conner

    And with all the illegal aliens invading our borders and the cdc doing not a positive thing there,hell yeah we are going to have outbreaks of eboli,t.b.,measles,smallpox,whopping cough etc.,these invaders come from 3rd world sh!t holes with no inoculations and will spread these diseases knowingly and willfully into America…Seal the borders with our armed military…shoot the invaders…they are breaking our laws…

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