BOOM: Armed Woman Stops Thugs Trying to Steal Her Gun

5909461_GThis is why you own more than one gun.

Many people have made the observation that it is the weapon that you have with you that matters.   A .22 that you have beats a .45 that you left at home.   It is one of the reasons the tiny pocket .380s like the KelTec P3AT, the Taurus 738 and the Ruger LCP are so popular.

I do not know what make and model the woman in Kentucky was carrying when she returned home.  What matters is that she had it when she confronted the two suspects who were looting her residence.   One of them had a pistol; one of her pistols.   Fortunately, he did not resist.

According to an arrest report, when the homeowner returned to her home around 5:20 p.m. Nov. 19, she found Derrick D. Mosley, 22, and a juvenile inside. The two had several items belonging to her, including a pistol, in their possession.

Police said the homeowner pulled the handgun that she was wearing and held Mosley and the juvenile until officers arrived.

Would things have turned out differently if she did not have her personal defensive firearm with her?  Very likely.

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