BOOM: This Woman’s Response to Facebook Sexual Harasser Goes Viral

11140207_1083204235039577_7641425474997701724_oIndia’s rape problem is more like an epidemic. This woman did the right thing by speaking up and setting this pervert straight.

Every girl with an account on Facebook has her ‘Others’ inbox filled with cheesy messages from strange men that we ignore everyday. But a Delhi University alumna chose to stop ignoring these messages and expose one such man trying to harass her on the social networking site.

Prerna Pratham Singh received offensive texts from this person, but instead of ignoring it she replied admitting that even though she had ignored such events in the past, she intends to change now. She then took a screenshot of her chat and posted it with an insulting description to publicly humiliate her harasser.

Within hours after Prerna posted this on her Timeline, a post came from the accused Raushan Kumar, claiming that his profile had been hacked and misused to send offensive messages.

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Posted by Prerna Pratham Singh on Friday, May 15, 2015

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